Stun gun found in woman's carry-on bag at RIC

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A reminder to think twice about what you pack in your carry-on bag before you head to the airport.

This after TSA agents detected a stun gun at the Richmond International security checkpoint.

Airport officials said a woman traveling to Charlotte forgot she put it in there and it happens more often than you think.

A couple people we spoke with admitted they've packed things they shouldn't, but the items slipped their minds!

Steve Peterson is a frequent flyer, most often for business.

But admits even being a regular in the skies, he too can be forgetful when it comes to what he has and hasn't packed in his carry on.

His briefcase has been flagged before by TSA.

"When I was working on a construction crew I forgot I had a lock back knife in my briefcase," said Peterson.

Back on September 29th, TSA at Richmond International pulled aside a carry-on bag belonging to a woman traveling to Charlotte.

Agents found a stun gun.  Airport police confiscated it.

No charges were filed.

"I'm not too sure how briefed people are on the rules in the United States outside of business," said Peterson.

Airport staff said the TSA has confiscated everything from guns to bullets to brass knuckles.

In this case it's believed the woman forgot there was a stun gun in her bag.

About three firearms are detected by TSA each day nationwide.

"Try to do mental checklists during the packing and when you're going through the security checkpoint," said Peterson.

Joan Santoro checked her pockets one last time before walking over to the security checkpoint.

"It happens you forget what's in your bags sometimes," said Santoro.

Santoro said she once had to turn over a corkscrew during an airport screening.

"I don't know it was the corkscrew part that was the problem but  it had a little knife that you could use to take the foil off a wine bottle," said Santoro.

Airport staff said people also often go over the three ounce limit for liquids allowed in carry-ons.

TSA officials said some weapons, like stun guns, are permitted in checked bags.  It's best to check with local law enforcement before taking your trip.

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