Protest planned for Friday to "Occupy Richmond"

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The first protest is planned for Friday at noon at the compass on VCU campus. Reaction from students is a mixed bag. Some say they want to get involved. Others don't think it'll make a difference.

Protestors have camped out in front of Wall Street for three weeks. Now this movement comes to VCU. Julia Arnone is organizing the event. Her brother is one of about seven-hundred people arrested in New York this weekend.

"We're just there to show our solidarity. We just want New York to know this issue is everywhere and that we're ready to stand with them," said Arnone.

She plans to start at Noon on Friday. The question is how passionate is the typical college student about this?

"I'll be there on Friday definitely," said VCU student Dan Frost.

Some say they will get more involved now that they don't have to travel to New York to take part.

"It's like one of those rich get richer, poor get poorer. I definitely don't think that should be. Rich people with their tax cuts, I mean that just doesn't make any sense," said Frost.

Not everybody is so enthusiastic. Some students wonder whether holding up signs will make a difference.

"A lot of politicians are just going to write us off as a bunch of angry college students. I don't know, I'm a little jaded personally," said one student.

Planning for the protest just started last night, already more than one hundred people have signed up on Facebook. Organizers say this movement is in its infancy and just now starting to build momentum.

"There are a large number of people that are dissatisfied with the way Washington is being run and there's been a lot of different political movements throughout the country and I think this is the next one," said Arnone.

The protest will be silent letting their signs do the talking for them.

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