Young girl recovering from alcohol poisoning

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-A Virginia girl is recovering from alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.

It happened up in Northern Virginia, at the girl's elementary school.

Her father says the teacher needs to be held responsible for what happened.

Glen Grant says he has trouble understanding what happened to his seven year-old daughter Christy. She's feeling much better now, but she had a harrowing Tuesday afternoon at Dale City's Neabsco Elementary School.

Grant's daughter told us that she was dared to drink the hand sanitizer. He also said he can understand that children would dare each other, but he doesn't understand why this would ever happen under adult supervision.

"They're telling me it was a couple of pumps. Maybe one or two. The doctor's telling me there's no way that it was two pumps and her blood alcohol is that high." said Grant's fiance.

According to paperwork from the Potomac Hospital emergency room in Woodbridge, Christy suffered from alcohol poisoning.

Glen says Christy was unconscious and unresponsive as she was rushed from school in an ambulance, she even stopped breathing at one point.

"I send my child to school everyday with the faith that my child will come back healthy; they will be properly supervised. Right? Which did not happen. No explanation from nobody." said Christy's father.

A Prince William County School official says she's not sure there's a story here. Glen and his fiance beg to disagree.

Christy is still at home and her father says he's rethinking whether or not she should go back to the school.

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