Planners have two options for Route 5

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A final meeting on plans to deal with the morning bottleneck along Route 5 in Richmond took place Thursday night. The study looks at the stretch between Main Street Downtown, all the way to Laburnum Avenue in Henrico County.

12,000 cars and growing travel the 7 mile stretch every day. Planners are trying to stay ahead of the curb making sure this road keeps up with the demand.

Route 5 is known as busy Main Street in Richmond and it links the bustle of downtown with the quiet of Henrico County's suburbs.

"Between now and say the next 20-23 years, we anticipate a lot of growth in this corridor as far as the travel demand," said Lee Yolton, project manager.

Richmond, Henrico and VDOT have been studying the corridor for the last year using a $400,000 grant. They're looking for ways to get ahead of the development. Tobacco Row is booming with apartments.

"All together there's well over 4,000 new homes. There's businesses, offices and commercial uses being planned," said Yolton.

Planners have come up with two options for expanding Route 5. The first option would widen the road by one, even two lanes in some sections in Henrico County.

The second option would also widen the road, but would include a new bypass over the train tracks.

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