Woman asks for help fixing alarm system

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman got new windows, but the installer broke her alarm system. When she couldn't get the mistakes corrected, she called 12 for help.

After months of the run-around, Muriel Burrell says she told the business she was calling 12 On Your Side, and the office manager told her, go ahead, call.  She did.

Her home security system stopped working after Window Depot installed 8 replacement windows in May.

"The days are getting shorter," said Burrell. "If I go to a meeting and I come home by myself and a dead end street, I'm not safe."

The installer buried wires linked to her system in two windows . Window Depot fixed those, but she couldn't get them back for two other windows with problems.

"I want my alarm system back," said Burrell. "I don't feel that I should go to the expense of having another alarm system installed. I don't feel it should be my expense when they caused it."

NBC12 worked the phone to do what Muriel couldn't.  We got the window and the security companies at her home, together. We suggested a day and got both company heads to agree.

"Once I get that one open, I can get to the other wire and bring it and tie it all in. Unfortunately, either this is going to have to come off, or this window is going to have to come out," said Scott Flippco, owner of Window Depot.

Vector Security sent one of their best, who got down and dirty crawling, searching for wire.

Window Depot met the unhappy customer.  Scott Flippco said he's the new owner. The old company installed her windows, and she's been complaining to the wrong person.

SCOTT: "Amy is my office manager."
MURIEL: "Yes indeed. I know. I told her if I don't hear from someone, I'm going to call 12OYS. Amy said call them.  You need to fire her."

Flippco says he's been putting out fires left by the old owners. The business is his life. He's protecting the company name.

"It's right here, highlighted. We really aren't responsible for alarm systems," said Flippco.

Four hours later, Muriel had his cell number and was told to call him if she has problems.

"The red light is on in the closet. He can lift the window," Burrell said. "Happy days are here again."

Flippco says he knows the technician who installed Muriel's windows and he's not working for him.

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