Man accused of sex crime after crawling into neighbor's window

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chester woman is jolted awake by her roommate screaming and a neighbor running out of their house.

She says 32 year old Melecio Hernandez tried to rape her friend. He's charged with aggravated sexual battery and breaking and entering.

He's locked up, but April Watkins-Lester is still terrified.  She hasn't slept at home since Sunday and her roommate won't step foot in her house.

A quiet night shattered by a blood-curdling scream. April jumped from bed. She said her roommate was being attacked by their neighbor.

"Every time I start thinking about it I start crying," said Watkins-Lester.

It was about three in the morning Sunday.  April's roommate had fallen asleep on the couch.

That's when April said Melecio Hernandez crawled through this window and landed on top of her roommate.

"He started feeling on her legs while she was asleep and told her she was going to have sex with him whether she wanted to or not," said Watkins-Lester.

April said Hernandez was so determined to get inside, he tried the kitchen window and her bedroom window, then made his way over to the living room window which was unlocked.

"He took this chair and he turned it around and stepped on it and went through this window right here," said Watkins-Lester.

It wasn't locked like the other two. They had propped it open hours earlier during her birthday gathering.

"When everybody left he thought we were here by ourselves," said Watkins-Lester.

April said Hernandez ran out the front door. He lives across the street on Mason Avenue where police arrested him.

Neighbor Christine Osborne hadn't heard about the crime until now.

"I've got two teenage girls and that really scares," said Osborne.

She won't skip her nightly routine.

"I make sure all the doors are locked make sure my children are inside," said Osborne.

April is trying to return to a normal life.   Fixing her windows is a priority.

"This one I haven't fixed yet cause I haven't been here that's what I'm getting ready to do," said Watkins-Lester.

The emotional damage may take some time. April said she only knows of Hernandez and that he's been by her house before, but she asked him to leave.

He remains in jail without bail. Hernandez is expected in court next month.

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