Police pursuit ends in multi-vehicle crash

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We've just uncovered new details on a story we broke during our four o'clock newscast: a police chase that ended with a crash in south Richmond.

Police say the pursuit started on Giant Road -- continued on Warwick Drive -- and eventually ended on Hull Street Road with a chain reaction accident.

The preliminary report from the crash team is in. Police have arrested a 30-year-old Richmond man and charged him with a narcotics violation and several traffic violations.

It began with a routine traffic stop, but quickly turned into a police pursuit that lasted just minutes.

"They were heading west on Hull Street when they came to Elkhart Lane, right at this big intersection where the collision occurred," said Gene Lepley of Richmond Police Department.

Police say the driver may have run the red light crossing over Elkhart -- hitting four other cars.

"I was actually pulling back onto Hull Street but then I saw the police cars coming so I stayed on the brakes and he came right at you," said Victim, Jed Dickerson.

A chaotic scene -- police shut down all west bound lanes at the intersection while the crash team began their investigation.

"It's going to take them many hours perhaps several days to get all the information they need in order to determine just what happened when you have so many cars involved," said Lepley.

Others were startled.

"I saw the car he was pursuing and I kind of swerved in front of it a little and when that happened he came up and rocked me…I got out of my car and once they drew there gun, I stepped away," said another victim, Chris Keefe.

No one was seriously injured. The passenger of the fleeing car was taken to the hospital but police say she'll be alright. Police haven't yet released the suspect's name or why they tried to pull him over to begin with.

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