J. Sargent Reynolds Dean killed in Henrico crash

HENRICO (WWBT)-  A rush hour crash in Henrico has left one person dead and another recovering in a hospital.

Sixty-nine-year-old Robert A. Heinz was pronounced dead at the scene of crash at the intersection of Lydell and Parham. Jayne Kelly from Henrico was taken to VCU Medical Center with serious injuries.

Heinz is the Dean of the School Business and Engineering at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

Witnesses to the crash say it was so violent, that they knew just how bad it was, before any emergency responders even arrived.

Stacie Brown wasn't sure what she was hearing outside her home near the corner of Parham and Lydell, but she knew it wasn't good.

"So I am thinking it is a big truck coming full speed but it just so happened when I looked out I saw the car smoking," said Stacie.

She found the aftermath of a horrific accident, just steps from her front door. While she saw what it left behind, her mother, Brenda saw the whole thing unfold.

"Once it hit the tree I ran to try and help the person that was inside," said Brenda. "But once I got to the car it was smoking so bad that I had to step back, but I kept yelling."

But her yells went unanswered.

Maurice was part of a group of Henrico police officers that responded to the crash.

"Upon our arrival we discovered that one of the drivers was deceased at the scene," said Lt. C.J. Maurice.

"Accidents happen here all the time it is ridiculous," said Stacie.

Henrico Police say there have been six different accidents at the intersection since the start of 2011. This accident was the only one that led to someone being killed.

But it was an accident was so powerful, Brenda, a nurse herself, knew the outcome before any first responder had arrived.

"Ya, he was gone," she quietly reflected.

It's an outcome that left the Browns struggling for words.

"Helpless, ya I feel real helpless, because you couldn't do anything," said Stacie. "Just sitting there watching, I feel sorry for the family."

An outcome they hope they won't have to witness again.

No charges have been filed yet- police are still investigating. Jayne Kelly the driver of the other car is expected to survive.

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