Cleanup begins for people flooded out by heavy rain

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Today, several people are cleaning up from the big mess the rain left last night. Several homes were flooded in one South Richmond trailer park. Today, many of those people are picking up whatever pieces are left.

"I thought the world was coming to an end," says Robert Bagley.

Powerful words from one man living through quite a mess. We were able to capture dramatic video of people stranded on their own porch and the Richmond Fire Department pulling out its water rescue boats to pull people to safety.

This morning Robert could finally get out of his home. But that's just the start of his battle. Most of his day today -- and for the foreseeable future -- will be spent cleaning up a mess.

"The water picked up the van in front of our home, and moved it all the way over here," adds Robert.

Just a few steps away, Stephen McDaniel has a big task at hand. "I've got problems."

We were able to show you how high the water got here outside his home -- his car submerged and just a ton of debris scattered under the hood of his Jeep.

Inside, things are even worse. Our camera caught the water lines inside, about 5 inches or so off the floor.

The floor inside actually buckled inside in the kitchen and then again here in the living room. The family here will have to tear up the carpet, the kitchen floor and the wood underneath it all. But they will get through, this family says, because they are survivors.

Many of the people living here are lucky to have survived to see this clean up day.

But not all of Stephen's pets made it. "Two cats are missing that I haven't found yet."

Many of the people living in that neighborhood, off West 22nd Street in South Richmond, say the drain was clogging up last night. If you have a clogged drain in your neighborhood, you need to let the City of Richmond Public Utilities know about it. Their number is 646-7000.

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