Follow-up to tenant roach complaints

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We first told you about a roach infestation at Parkway Gardens apartments in Chesterfield last week. 12 On Your Side checked up on the property manager to see if he hired a professional exterminator, as he said he would.

A professional exterminator was contracted and went to work spraying Crystal Moore's apartment. He sprayed only that one building, because the property manager says there is no infestation, but tenants say roaches house hunt, and they're throughout the complex.

Bin Gert, the exterminator sprayed and tapped the wall panel of the apartment.

"I'm just seeing if anything runs out," Gert said.

The "Loyal Termite & Pest Control" technician must have shown the roaches the door. He sprayed nesting spots at Crystal Moore's apartment, tight spaces in walls, cabinets and under sinks, and nothing crawled.

"I didn't see any running around," Gert said. "I seen a couple dead ones and that's about it. For it to be an infestation, you see them all over the place. As soon as you open the cabinet doors, you see feces droppings along the doors, hinges and no, I didn't see anything."

Just last Tuesday, though, Crystal was killing roaches one after another. By the time she flushed one, another was scurrying for safety.

Management gave Crystal spray cans to do it herself after confirming they were crawling out of her sick neighbor's apartment next door. It had been closed up for a month. Crystal called 12.

"They were all across the wall. They were coming in here. I was sweeping," said Moore.

DIANE: "It's not an infestation, you don't think?"
MANAGER: "No, people don't like roaches."
CRYSTAL: "No, I think it is."
MANAGER: "They don't see, not too many."

A manager for the new owners,Crown Hill, LLC, says they bought the property under foreclosure and it takes time, but they're committed to correcting problems. And tenants are pointing out many.

"When people move out, they're not cleaning up the mess," said a dissatisfied tenant.

Tenants want management to clean up the trash, sooner than later.

"I'm embarrassed to tell people where I live, but I have to live here right now," the tenant said.

The exterminator says he'll be back in two weeks to treat Crystal's apartment again. He says that will take care of her problem. The owners haven't indicated any plans to spray anyone else's apartment.

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