Deputies fired for allegedly having sex with inmates

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Officials are investigating a sex scandal at Richmond City Jail. Two deputies have been fired for allegedly having sex with female inmates. We're told they were terminated last week and the investigation has been turned over to the Commonwealth's Attorney.

While the statement from the Sheriff's Office only said the two deputies were terminated for inappropriate conduct, Sheriff CT Woody confirmed Monday night both men had sex with female inmates. Now an internal investigation could lead to criminal charges.

Sheriff's deputies are supposed to lead by example. The department's mission statement reads "We strive to serve at the highest levels to secure our facilities, keep everyone safe and help offenders reclaim their lives."

Well, according to the Sheriff's Office, Deputies Mark Kelly Sr. and Mathew Lyttle violated those policies, allegedly had sex with two female inmates and were fired on September 20th.

We've learned the terminations are the result of an internal affairs investigation.

We got out hands on the Sheriff's Operational Policy, part of which is a handbook for what guards can and cannot do. It specifically prohibits socializing, romantic relationships, sex acts and sexual conduct between employees and inmates. It goes on to say the office will fully investigate and discipline anyone found in violation.

In this case, those violations are now in the hands of the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. A deputy prosecutor told NBC12 it will have more information for us next Monday, which also happens to be the next meeting of Richmond's Grand Jury.

We've also confirmed the two female inmates have been transferred to other facilities, as part of standard protocol.

We asked how long the deputies have been with the jail and whether they've had any other disciplinary actions against them, but officials wouldn't release that information.

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