Sink hole comes back to haunt resident

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A major sink hole is causing headaches for a couple of residents in Henrico.

A resident called NBC12 for help for the second time this year because she says the county will not take responsibility for this sink hole in her drive way. The county says it's not their responsibility because it's on her private property. But residents there believe the problem is much bigger underground and the county should step in.

It's a dangerous sink hole about 6 feet deep that has come back to haunt Paulette Simms.

"I'm devastated. I'm afraid and I'm devastated I can wake up in the morning and my whole driveway or bigger, my house, can cave in," said Simms.

Almost five months ago, Simms and her next door neighbor spent almost $300 to patch up the sink hole. Back then, DPW came out to take a look -- even a geologist surveyed the hole. Ultimately they said it wasn't theirs to fix.

Now, five months later, we called public works again and they were happy to come check it out so at Simms request, DPW wasted no time and showed up within the hour.

The county came by again to take a look at this sink hole but their story didn't change they still say this is Simms problem and not theirs.

"He said it was our issue, and we got to handle it and when I pulled up today they had a big truck loaded with gravel, had a big back hoe truck, 2 other trucks and they turned around and said it was my issue," she said.

Contractor, Willie Cosby IV was the one who originally patched the hole. He said he packed in 20 tons of soil, twice. But by the looks of it, he says it's going to take a lot more than packing in another 20 tons of soil.

"I don't know how deep it is, the only way they're going to find out is to tear this whole driveway up and tear all this up and find out what kind of hole this is and then refill it," said Cosby.

A project that Cosby says can cost at least $5,000.

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