Police respond to weather-related incidents

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Friday's storm kept police and emergency responders busy all evening.  They answered dozens of calls for weather-related incidents, some which totaled cars and sent drivers to the hospital.

NBC12 traveled throughout Central Virginia and saw it all: from minor flooding and fender benders to cars hydroplaning, even trees down in the road. It was a difficult and dangerous night to drive.

When a storm blows through during rush hour, you hope you don't get a frantic call from a loved one whose commute has been stopped in its tracks. For Annie Macphee, that wish didn't come true Friday night.

"He called me and said he'd been in a wreck," she explained. "He didn't know how he was unscathed."

Her fiancé was heading down the EZpass lanes on the Powhite Parkway and hydroplaned.

"He pretty much spun around a couple of times and his car was facing the wrong way and it's slammed up against an embankment wall," she said.

Substitute woods for an embankment wall, and another driver had a similar ordeal. He was driving up I-295N when he said the car in front of him slammed on the brakes. He did the same and careened off the road.

"Richmonders are the worst inclement weather drivers," Macphee said. "They are awful."

In Henrico, we found another road hazard caused by the storm. A massive tree toppled during the height of the rain and cut off access to Norwick Road.

Billy Goode got that desperate phone call from his wife saying while no one was hurt; there was quite a mess to clean up. Goode told NBC12 he knew exactly which tree she was talking about. It is a tree that only made it three weeks past Hurricane Irene.

"I thought it was leaning more than normal but, you know, wasn't sure and sure enough today with all the rain it came down," he recalled.

At this point, his sentiments are shared throughout our area.

"It's getting frustrating," he said.

With more rain in the forecast it seems drivers can expect more hazards over the weekend.

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