Rain puts a damper on high school football

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - People say, "it's football, they play in everything!" and to some extent that's true. But the schools must also consider the people who watch the game, as well as the playing surface.

It was during a soaking wet walk down the field that Chris Rollison said he has to think about safety, and injuries.

"I have seen that happen. Practices and games where wet fields have led to people twisting something or pulling something, and no, nobody wants that," he said.

As the Activities Director at Hermitage High School, Chris has his eyes on the weather. And as the rain cascaded down the bleachers and onto the ground, there was also another concern.

ANDY: "If it gets so wet, the field gets all ripped up, maybe it's not really optimal for the rest of the season, too. Do you consider that?"
CHRIS: "You do consider that. Especially this early in the season. This is week 3 for most everybody and no one wants to have their field torn up for the remainder seven games that we have left."

For that and other reasons schools tell us it makes sense to postpone because of rain. But there are reasons to play, of course.

"Everybody's fields are soaked right now. We don't think they would be any better tomorrow. We have multiple conflicts on Saturday," said Ted Salmon.

Ted Salmon of Cosby High School in Chesterfield told us that as long as safety is not in question, even one postponement can be terribly difficult to re-schedule.

"Football, you have ten weeks to play ten games," he said.

So most of the games will go on, and they'll no doubt be sloppy...courtesy of Mother Nature; the tough opponent who doesn't wear a uniform.

The game is still on at Hermitage High School. But that grass may not look so green when we see it tomorrow morning.

We know who will have a very busy weekend...and that's the groundskeepers.

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