How to work rebates: Get product for free

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – "These things have been around forever and people just don't pay attention to them in the stores," said Anjie Henley.

Anjie is a savings specialist who's been working the rebates for decades.

"I've gotten printers free after rebate, I've gotten telephones free after rebate," she said.

Anjie can actually make money from shopping, purchasing things like Febreeze air freshener. With a $2.97 price tag and a coupon for $3 off, Anjie has already made money buying this product, but then she searches the internet for an available rebate.

"I will get $3.50 back for making a profit on this product," Anjie explained.

And even if you don't use it: "If you're getting it free make a tax donation out of it. That's a rebate. Donate it," she said.

You find the rebates in the beer aisle in grocery stores. The tear pads are usually located on the side of standalone displays. Then venture down to the wine section. Many bottles have wine tags that offer discounts on things like pizza and meat.

"Here's one from a wine company-$3 off any chocolate and you don't have to buy any wine," Anjie points out.

One rebate I'm sending in will give me $8 when I buy two Digiorno pizzas. The pizza was $4.50 last week; I used 2 "one-dollar off" coupons, paid $7 out of pocket and will get back $8 from the refund. I just made a dollar to buy 2 frozen pizzas.

Some rebates come in the form of store credit. Anjie's husband put all his bills on his Sears credit card for one year and now, "He loves sitting on this couch watching his 55 inch flat screen TV that he got free," Anjie said.

Be careful to pay attention to detail. Follow the rebate instructions to a tee. One mistake can negate the whole process. Anjie posts all of the rebates and deals she finds on her blog.

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