Shooting of grandmother case moves forward

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The 101-year-old Richmond grandmother allegedly shot by her grandson in July does not want him prosecuted, but after a hearing today, the case is moving forward to the grand jury.

101-year-old Naomi Taggert told NBC12 that on the way out of the courtroom, after telling a judge she didn't want the seven felony charges against her grandson to continue in court.   When we asked why, a friend who was with Taggert said they're both her grandsons, and that should say it all.

After Taggert gave her account of what happened on July 30th when she was shot in the neck by a stray bullet, she called out across the courtroom to her grandson, Kevin McCray, who's charged in the crime.

She said "Hey, Kevin," and even though he is not supposed to talk out of turn in court, he said hi back.  Taggert spent several weeks recovering from her injures but her exact words to the judge were "I don't want nobody prosecuted for it."

"I think her sentiment is certainly echoed by a lot of people," said Charles Homiller, Kevin McCray's attorney. "This was obviously a dispute between two brothers, one that  should not have happened. She was just an innocent bystander in all this. We hope that whatever resolution comes of this, her wishes are taken into consideration."

McCray's brother, Steven Taggert, took on a different tone as he bitterly gave a play-by-play of what happened that night.  His testimony described a dispute over $2,200. He says McCray owes him.

An exchange of text messages, curses and gunfire ensued. When McCray allegedly went outside and shot into the house, the 101-year-old, who the brothers live with, was struck.

From inside his grandmother's bedroom, Taggert said he could actually see McCray shooting the gun.  The charges go to the grand jury on November 7th.

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