Zula Patrol: Mission Weather at CMoR

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Zula Patrol: Mission Weather.  It's an exciting exhibit you can find at the Children's Museum of Richmond through the end of December.

It will not only be a lot of fun for your children, but it's also a great opportunity for interactive learning about the science of weather.

It's based on a popular PBS children's television show, the Zula Patrol, led by Captain Bula. The characters travel around teaching children science topics based on the earth and our solar system. They also learn about friendship in the process.

The Zula Patrol has now landed at the Children's Museum of Richmond with a mission to teach children about weather.

It's designed for children ages 3 to 8 to help them learn what weather is, how it works, what affects it, and how it affects us. The best part about it, it's hands on.

"It's a great fit for the Children's Museum because our philosophy is that children learn by doing, not by being told and here they do everything themselves," said Michelle Rosman, CMoR's Director of Community and Media Relations.  "It's also about some really good science concepts that children need to learn early in life and when they are exposed to them very early, they do better in school later, and they also understand the world around them and how it works"

They can step inside hot and cold temperature domes to experience weather extremes, use the power of wind to move objects and set off a chain reaction of events, see changing weather conditions through a spacecraft's weather window, and even touch a cloud!

"The one I think where they can put their hand right inside a cloud is really interesting to them because clouds are so far away that they can only look at them way overhead, but here they can actually put their hand in it, and feel what it feels like, and see what it looks like up close," Rosman said.

The exhibit will be at the Children's Museum's central location at 2626 West Broad Street for five weeks then move to their West Broad Village location in Short Pump from October 24 through the end of December.

"The children just light up when they come in here, they are so excited.  First of all, it's so visually exciting and it's based on a show that a lot of them know," Rosman said.

Time is limited and you certainly don't want to miss it...for more information, you can call the museum at 474-7000 or check www.c-mor.org.

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