G2G Staging & Spring: Are you putting your home on the market or just looking for a fresh perspective? We can help!

Is your home "overdressed"?  Maybe it needs a "make-under"...

Every home that goes on sale needs a make under. The less of your personality on display in your home, the quicker it will sell. Being able to stand back and take an impartial look at your home is the most difficult thing most homeowners face when selling their property. You have an investment in your home and possessions and this emotional attachment makes it difficult to be unbiased when preparing your property for sale.

My job is to look at your home with a buyer's eyes and guide you on the changes needed to showcase your property preferably before you put your home on the market. Home staging is not just selling real estate, it is marketing a lifestyle to a potential customer who will want to buy into it – it's all in the details. a property that has been staged will appear fresher, cleaner and better maintained to a buyer immediately improving the property's value – more money in your pocket.

You don't have to break the bank when selling your home to get that wow factor.

My aim is to style your property in a way that it sells as quickly as possible and for the best possible price while working within your budget.

Staging starts with a consultation designed to review your property from top to bottom and provide creative and cost effective solutions to issues identified as negative factors when selling your home. Addressing these issues gives a buyer less opportunity to haggle on price and you present a property that looks fabulous.