Tractor-trailer overturns on Interstate 95 south

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Right now, one lane on I-95 North is closed as crews continue to clean up after a tractor trailer overturned early this morning just after the 95/295 interchange in Henrico.

A long and tedious day for crews here after this tractor trailer overturns in the median on Interstate 95. Crews actually have to unload the truck by hand, box by box.

It's an assembly line, from one person to another, to load the boxes from one tractor trailer to the next.

Scott Serrett is in charge of this massive clean up. "Makes for a long day! A lot of work. No telling what you are going to get into."

Here -- this group of men will unload about 50 thousand pounds off the truck, boxes full of clothes, shoes and plenty more.

"We do it a lot out here! I mean, sometimes bad things happen. We are just getting a workout," says Scott.

It all started around 6 this morning. The driver -- who didn't want to talk on camera -- says he was driving toward Florida on 95 South when he says his load shifted in the back of the truck.

But that story doesn't match up with what police think happened. Troopers on scene say the driver was tired and he may have even fell asleep behind the wheel.

"There are certain indicators the way he left the road gradually and the tire marks," says First Sgt. Michael LeCroy.

State Police consider this accident a lucky one though. The driver of the tractor trailer wasn't hurt. Although it looks like a mess, the truck ended up on its side, in the median. "If you can have a perfect scenario, this was one of them. The guard rails, the jersey walls and the grade of the ditch kept him within that," adds LeCroy.

There were a few snags during the clean up. First crews had inspect these poles to make sure the accident didn't make them structurally unsound. Also, crews found a hole in the fuel tank and HAZMAT was called. Luckily both issues weren't major problems in the end

The plan right now is to have all of the lanes on 95 opened back up in time for the afternoon rush hour.

Below is the Press Release from the Virginia State Police:

At approximately 6:02 a.m., Virginia State Police were notified of a tractor-trailer that crashed on Interstate 95 south Wednesday morning on Interstate 95 at the 86 mile marker in Hanover County.

A tractor-trailer, hauling approximately 50,000 pounds of dry goods, was traveling in the left southbound lane, when the truck drifted to the left, traveled through a guardrail, overturned and eventually came to rest in the median on its right side. The driver was not injured.

According to a preliminary investigation, it appears the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Charges are pending.

The left lane of I-95 north will remain closed until this afternoon while crews unload and clean-up the cargo from the trailer in order for it to be removed from the area.