Biggest turnoffs for employers at job fairs

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A job fair took place today at the Science Museum of Virginia. We talked with the companies behind the tables to find out what biggest turnoffs for them with potential employees.

High above the atrium at the Science Museum are dozens of employers lined up, looking to hire a few good employees, like Courtney Hill. "Job fairs kind of get repetitive."

Yet, she keeps plugging along. "You just never know. You can get 100 'no's' and you get that one 'yes' and it was worth it," adds Hill.

It's just getting that one yes that is proving to be difficult for many. We all know the unemployment rate is high. We keep hearing there are jobs available. But some people get frustrated they aren't landing those jobs.

So we asked some employers like Melanie Holmes, what is the biggest turnoff for her with regard to potential employees. And just by looking around we guessed what she had to say -- lack of professionalism, which includes clothing choice.

"I saw women with skirts with things hanging out that shouldn't be hanging out," says Holmes.

While we were at the job fair, we saw people even wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts.

We asked Kathy Sexton, the employers behind that table, what she thought. "Did you look at yourself before you walked out of the house? You are coming for a job interview."

That's certainly not helping your cause, especially when the competition for that one job is so high these days.

Sexton says it's easy to make your first impression, possibly turn into a second. "Neat and clean. Not wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts," she said.

That doesn't mean spending a ton of money you may not have.

"Dress like you are going to the interview and dress like they are hiring," says Hill. Advice that Courtney gets and advice that might make this her last job fair for a while.

Employers also said they do not like to see you have a stack of papers from every table at the fair. Rather, they prefer you have some type of direction in your career search.

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