Woodlake neighbors "shocked" by KKK recruitment fliers

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) – A rolled up sheet of paper has people in Chesterfield County's Woodlake community angered and upset. It seems the Ku Klux Klan is going after them in a membership drive.

Open up the little white scrolls at the end of each driveway, and the first words you see are "White brothers and sisters". It was a recruiting message, courtesy of a KKK chapter based on Powhatan.

Neighbors didn't have to read much more than that.

"Very disturbing," said one man.

"I was shocked," said a woman.

"It was pretty shocking. I don't think I've ever received any kind of advertising or promotion for racism," said Rick Zaman.

Like a lot of neighbors, Zaman saw the little white scroll Monday morning. They were delivered late Sunday night all over Woodlake.

"Every race is made in God's image, and they're worthy of respect and honor," Zaman said.

Rick is a pastor, by the way, and, by far, he's not the only one who feels like that.

"I just don't...I don't like it. We're in a very diverse culture and a very diverse world," said Carmen Allred, who was on her way to tell Woodlake's main office, which by lunchtime had heard an earful about the fliers.

"Efforts should be made to address this and not blow it off," said neighbor Larry Cochran.

But the thing is, no laws were broken.

"...neither the association nor the police can prohibit any organization from distributing a flier on public roads" the Woodlake manager said in a statement, urging neighbors to instead "...ignore such negative messages."

So by early afternoon, Cochran was back to working on his lawn. The little white scroll was gone.

"It's just something that you wouldn't expect to get anywhere in this day and time," he said.

Late Monday afternoon, a man who identified himself as the leader of the Powhatan KKK said the fliers are part of occasional membership drives that still take place every year. Other than that, he would not say his name or consent to a recorded interview.

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