Police seek suspect, Release name of victim in deadly weekend shooting

Jamel Cobb
Jamel Cobb

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New information Monday, about the murder of a Richmond teen over the weekend. Police say they want to find and question Kareem Tillar in connection to Sunday's fatal shooting on Newbourne Street.

We're also learning more about the victim, a well-liked athlete, who volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club. The shooting happened Sunday evening, around 6 p.m.

Friends and family say Jamel Cobb was one of those kids destined for a brighter future. Unfortunately, he was gunned down in his neighborhood, within earshot of so many kids who say they looked up to him.

Neighbors say 19-year-old Cobb was walking home from playing basketball and was shot in the back.

"I don't know who would have done this and why," said Alicia Rasin, a community advocate. "He wasn't the type of person to be out in the street, you know, doing something wrong, you know. He'd never been in trouble a day in his life, so this was just so shocking."

NBC12 was told the teen was headed to college on scholarship to play baseball and that he volunteered regularly at the Boys and Girls Club.

We spoke to several children who say Jamel was a role model.

"He helped people with things. He never disrespect nobody," said Jessica Hicks, a Boys and Girls Club Member.

"He was active and he was kind of funny cause when we went to the Boys and Girls Club he was there to help us with our homework and stuff like that," added fellow club member, Jakiy'yah Cannon.

Cobb's latest report card is still displayed on a refrigerator, meant to be a tribute to academic success. Now, it's a reminder of a young man admired and greatly missed.

"He was it. He had a presence about him," said Quentin Brown, with the Boys and Girls Club. "When you talk about leading by example, Jamel was the poster child for the street. We have young students or young kids that you see around this community, 6-7-8 years old or maybe even older, 13 or 14 that look up to him."

"I miss him a lot," added Hicks.

A vigil has been scheduled for Jamel on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Event organizers are asking that you bring a candle if you want to participate.

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