Prince George seeks citizen input on storm response

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - Prince George County is looking for citizen feedback about how it responded to Hurricane Irene.

Resident, Ronald Cote doesn't hold his tongue. He has a strong opinion on what the county did wrong and right immediately following  the storm.

"They responded well with shelters, passing out water, lunches, drinks and stuff," said Cote.

He says the county could have done a better job of making folks aware of those emergency services.

Thousands lost power for days during the storm. Some residents sustained severe damage to their homes, and the county was peppered with fallen power lines and trees.

Kim Hunter was hoping for a better response from county leaders.

"The county could have done a better job about posting updates and about where you could get meals, water, and showers," said Hunter.

She found out most information by word of mouth.

"We always saw what Rappahannock was doing --what Dominion was doing -- where they were working and we couldn't get than info. as quickly from Prince George," said Hunter.

It's all information the Deputy County Administrator, Pamela Thompson, wants to hear.

"We want to know how we did - what worked well what needs to be modified. For example, we had water distribution at a location - was that convenient or should we have had 2 pick-up sites," said Pamela Thompson.

Responses received from residents will be reviewed.

"We're logging every comment and we're going to have meetings and see if we can improve our services based on those comments," said Thompson.

Residents can submit their opinions through the end of October. Prince George county has created an e-mail address for you to send your comments.

You can also call the county administration office for additional information.

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