Cheaper pet prescriptions


RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Meet Seabass. He's my 8-year-old St. Bernard mix. We adopted him as a 15 pound puppy and he's grown to be a big, goofy lovebug of a dog. He was the picture of health until 4 years ago when he began having seizures. The vet said it was epilepsy and prescribed Phenobarbital. A year later, the seizures came back so we added potassium bromine to his diet.

Together, the prescriptions cost $110 every three months. But while perusing Kroger's website, I noticed an ad that said the grocery store fills pet prescriptions.

"Things to control blood pressure, heart disease, antibiotics, seizure medication, ulcerative colitis, behavioral issues," said Fay McCain, Kroger Compounding Pharmacist.

I called ahead to make sure they could fill my order. I knew they'd have the phenobarbital, but the potassium bromide is a compounded drug and I wasn't sure if they could fill it.

"If you have a cat, it's very difficult to get that cat to take a pill. We can compound unique dosage forms, transdermal gels," McCain added.

And Seabass' potassium bromide. This medicine alone costs $65. When I fill at Kroger, the price drops to $37. But I have another trick.

I found a coupon online that knocks off another $11. I went from $65 to $26 - that's a 60% savings.

My $45 phenobarbital has a generic equivalent that's going to save me big money.

"A 30 day supply could cost you $4, and a 90 day supply could cost you $10," said McCain.

To sweeten the deal, Kroger credits $25 for each prescription transferred.

And it's not just Kroger. Martin's has a similar program to fill pet prescriptions.

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