UPDATE: VCU Police arrest four in drug bust


RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A big community effort led to a drug bust in Monroe Park on Virginia Commonwealth University's campus Thursday. Three suspects were arrested and a fourth turned himself in Friday morning.

Tony Short, 40, was on the loose but walked into the 2nd Precinct this morning to surrender.

Police said four alleged bad guys invaded Monroe Park, an area crucial to the University's character, and sold pot. Faculty, staff and students complained about the illegal activity because they were worried about drug sales.

Sgt. Nicole Dailey met our crew at the park Thursday to explain the department's reaction.

"We're immediately concerned," she explained. "Our very first thing is to do some type of surveillance to gather Intel on whether or not the complaint is valid. Do we have an issue that's occurring this close to where our community is?"

The answer was yes. After about a two month investigation by the special operations unit, Wednesday police arrested two suspects inside the park and another not far from it. The charges include felony possession with intent to distribute within a thousand feet of a school.

We broke the news to students like Rizky Hidayat, as they enjoyed the beautiful day.

"This is the park that we like to hang out with," he said. "So that's kind of unpleasant to hear."

At a school in the middle of a city though, it wasn't surprising to freshman Constance Minke.

"There are just some really questionable people that I wouldn't really like to associate with I guess," she told us.

VCU Police have a message for those people.

"If you want to do illegal activity, the VCU community and Monroe Park is not the place for you to do it," said Sgt. Dailey. "We are looking and we're listening and we're paying attention. And we are investigating every complaint. You don't want to be caught in this environment."

If you have any information to help, call the VCU Police Department at 828-1196.

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