Lincoln Casting Call in Richmond Wraps

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Time is up if you were looking for your chance at stardom. The casting call for the Lincoln movie has wrapped for the day.  The movie, with an all-star cast, will be shot here in Richmond.

Just the name Steven Spielberg can fill a room at the Convention Center. The casting call for his latest movie, a biopic on Abraham Lincoln was packed Thursday.

Constance Bowden said, "I happened to be living on Martha's Vineyard in 1974 when he was filming Jaws and no one knew how it big it was, so I didn't even go down there and take a look. I've always regretted the opportunity to work on one of his projects slipped me by."

The actor to play Abe Lincoln didn't hurt expectations either.

"Especially with Daniel Day Lewis, if I could just kind of be in the same area as him, that would be awesome," said Nora Achrati.

This time around Spielberg's crew is looking for women with long hair to be slaves, white house staff and citizens.

"I was excited, and they said long hair, and I said well, I guess I've got long enough hair so I guess I'll go ahead," said Sunny McGann.

"It sounds like fun. I like period movies. So, I like wearing costumes," said Azania Dungee.

African American men under 40 who can ride horses were also in need.

"Yeah, I was thinking about showing up on horseback. I said that will get me a role," added Ray Lockamy.

"If I can put that check on the resume!?! Even if it's just, 'oh yes... I was slave number 3. I was just sitting there in the background.' I would love to say I was there," said ChaVaughn Peterson.

The room was filled with folks in costume, and ready for their close up.

"I got the long hair, I got the bushy eyebrows, natural, no makeup. I got wrinkles. I look like I stepped out of the 1800s," said Barbara Turner.

Filming begins the first week in October. The production office didn't specify the exact day, but they say it will be obvious once it all begins.

Several scenes will be filmed downtown in Capital Square. Petersburg will also play a prominent role in the movie. The movie also stars Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader.

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