Two men found guilty in attempted robbery

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A guilty verdict today for both men accused in the high-profile, botched robbery of a local gas station. This case received national attention after surveillance video showed a Good Samaritan coming to the rescue of the cashier at the Mr. Fuel convenience store in Caroline County.

That video showed a 61- year-old Maryland man smashing a beer bottle over the would-be robber's head. He survived after being shot four times during the attempted robbery. Today a jury convicted Winston Oliver and Warren Brown for their roles in this crime.

A jury took a little more than two hours to decide the robber in this viral video is in fact Warren Brown.  A jury convicted both Brown and his alleged getaway driver, Winston Oliver, on four counts, including attempted robbery, using a firearm and conspiracy to commit robbery. Now they face the possibility of life in prison. Brown's attorney spoke moments after the verdict.

"We're disappointed, but as Judge Spencer said to the jurors, our judicial system is the best in the world, but I still feel certain there will be an appeal in this case," said Brown's Attorney Mark Tyndall.

Both Oliver and Brown's families say they were too distraught to talk to us on camera after the verdict was read this afternoon.  Oliver's mom did say this was not over, and she plans on appealing.

Tyndall says the surveillance video may not be the smoking gun prosecutors wanted the jurors to believe.

"There are some parts of the evidence that weren't as strong as people that watched it on TV think it could be," said Tyndall.

Brown's family claims Brown didn't have any head wounds so it must have been another man hit in the head with a beer bottle.

But published reports say two Mr. Fuel employees identified Brown as the attempted robber and Brown implicated himself in a recorded phone call as well as in his statements to investigators.

Oliver's estranged wife worked at the Mr. Fuel and also testified that she told Oliver about how much money was often stored behind the counter. She says Oliver got excited and tried to convince her to let him rob the store while she was working.

Oliver and Brown will be sentenced in December. The Good Samaritan in the video was shot four times and the clerk was shot at twice, but unharmed. She credits the beer bottle-wielding hero for saving her life.

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