Are we in the clear? Passing peak of hurricane season

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're only two weeks into September and some of us already have more than a foot of rain. And you can blame Hurricane Irene and the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee for that.

We're past the peak of hurricane season but we should still keep our guard up.

The actual peak time of the season occurred last Saturday, September 10.  By that time we already had 14 named storms and two hurricanes.  Normally that would be enough to pack it in and call it a season.

Flash back to 2005, we had the busiest hurricane season on record that year, and by mid September had 15 named storms.

This doesn't mean we are for sure going to witness a record breaking number of storms this season, but only two more would place us in the top 10.

Hurricane season begins June 1 and continues through November 30.  So although the peak was September 10, we still have a long way to go.

Another date to remember is October 20, which is a secondary peak in tropical cyclone activity.   The cause believe it or not is our seasonal changing weather pattern over the U.S. which influences the formation of more storms.

We may think it's impossible for storms to develop in the cooler days of November, but ocean waters cool about three times as slowly as land does, so the sea surface temperatures over the central Atlantic can still be warm enough for tropical storms.

With the devastating aftermath of Irene and Lee fresh on our minds, we need to have a solid understanding of what needs to be done to be prepared.   So be sure to have a plan.

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