Teen pays it forward to best friend’s family

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield teenager wanted to pay it forward. Rebecca, a recent high school graduate, is reaching out to the family friend she says has always been there for her.

We met Rebecca and her best friend Toni at a Chesterfield strip mall.

SABRINA: "How did you hear about Acts of Kindness?"
REBECCA: "Acts of Kindness?  I've actually been watching for a very long time about it."

Rebecca  wants to make a career of helping the sick.  She graduated from Clover Hill High School at 16 and now works part time at a pediatrician's office. This aspiring doctor is concerned about the health of her best friend's dad.

"He just recently suffered a stroke," Rebecca said. "He's always treated me like a daughter.  I mean, yeah, my dad's there, but he's always been there for me. They pretty much were like my second home."

SABRINA: "What do you hope this will mean to him?"
REBECCA: "I hope this will get him ahead and help him out a little bit and just serve a good purpose."
SABRINA: "Here is $100, $200, $300."
REBECCA: "Thank you so much. This is gonna help him a lot."

Then Toni, who's now living on her own and working full time, adds another hundred bucks .

REBECCA: "I can't believe it. This is totally amazing. I wouldn't have ever expected it to happen."
SABRINA: "So what does Dad think is going on today?"
TONI: "He just thinks we're meeting at Wendy's for lunch."

The girls told Dave they'd meet him, and when we arrived, he was waiting in the parking lot.

DAVE: "How're you doing?"
SABRINA: "I'm doing great, how are you feeling?"
DAVE: "Feeling a lot better."
SABRINA: "How's the arm coming?"
DAVE: "I'm working it a little bit."

REBECCA: "David, we want to show you how much we really appreciate you and love you, and I love you as having like a second dad to me."
DAVID: "I love you too."
REBECCA: "So we present you $100, $200, $300, $400."
DAVID: "Thank you baby. I love you. Thank y'all."

David admits funds have been tight.  He's off the job after months in the hospital, speech and physical therapy, all since that fateful night in June.

"I stood up, took one step, and fell on the floor," Dave said. "I had a massive stroke at 42 smoking them cigarettes, need to leave them things alone, and then I had a carotid artery surgery in my neck.  They took a vein out of my leg and put it in my neck. I'm gonna live. I still gotta keep working on this arm if I ever want it back. I was a plumber, and I can't do plumbing or anything anymore."

"I praise the Lord that we still have him. That's made me very happy," said Deb, Dave's girlfriend.

Dave's pretty happy to have such caring family and friends

"I got lucky, I'm one of the lucky ones," Dave said. "Y'all startled me.  I didn't know what was going on.  I thought I was just coming to get a hamburger."

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