Firefighters pay tribute

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hundreds of fire fighters will climb up and down the Suntrust building five times, Sunday morning, to pay tribute to the firefighters killed during the attacks ten years ago.

About 400 firefighters are expected to show from Virginia, Tennessee and Pennsylvania - and they will climb what will amount to a 110 stories to symbolize the number of stories climbed by the first responders in New York.

Each firefighter will carry a name and a badge of one of those firefighters who were killed.

"Part of it is making that physical sacrifice tomorrow morning for an hour, hour and a half and climbing these steps and feeling a little bit of what they felt," said Lt. Michael Oprandy with the Richmond Fire Department.

Firefighters will be at the foot of the Suntrust building early Sunday morning. The climb starts at 8:30.

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