Security preparations for the president's visit

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Classes will go on as scheduled Friday, but most of the students are expected to be at the Robins Center.

"There is so much excitement on our campus about this even I'm surprised," said university spokesperson, Brian Eckert.

Eckert says security is going to be tight. The advanced White House team took its first tour of the campus Sunday and have been in town ever since.

"The security arraignments for the president when traveling anywhere are very thorough and very complex, the Secret Service, of course, has been to the campus to assess the situation," said Eckert.

The secret service is working closely with university police, the CIA and local - Richmond and Henrico police.

"That's for the safety of people attending the event as well as for the president," said Eckert.

Security measures go beyond the campus.

The Secret Service even asked VDOT to keep the public from seeing the images of the president's route from the airport to the campus.

Ten traffic cameras along I-64 and 95 will be blocked from public view on the internet.

And once Mr. Obama arrives, you can be sure security is going to be tight inside the Robins Center.

You will not be allowed to bring in an umbrella, there will no back packs allowed, and no sharp objects will be permitted.

"This will be airport like security," said Eckert.

Cameras and cells phones will be checked as well - they must be in working order to enter the Robins Center.

Students have noticed the heightened security.

"I have a lot of friends who have been telling me about secret service all over the place, there's some in Tylers some in the locker room, just walking all around checking all the areas," said student, Andrew Lee.

"We really, really have great campus police and I'm sure they're prepared. I feel pretty safe right now," said student Brian Guay.

The event is free, but you must have a ticket. The University said tickets are all gone.

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