September 8 Restaurant Report

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia Health Department says restaurants not keeping foods at proper temperatures is one of the most important violations they watch for. That was a problem for a couple of restaurants in this Restaurant Report.

Starting in Henrico, Melito's at 8815 Three Chopt Road had 4 critical violations. The inspector noted that a bucket full of cleaning solution was sitting on top of boxes of fries. That was corrected right away. Then on two follow-up inspections, everything was fixed, except a cook line unit was not keeping raw chicken and fish cold enough. We left a message for the owner, but did not hear back.

Moving to Richmond, Niwanohana Japanese Restaurant at 1309 East Cary Street had 7 critical violations, including that raw fish and shrimp were cold holding at improper temperatures. Violations were corrected during the inspection. However some fish were still not being kept cold enough on a follow-up inspection two weeks later.

Also in Henrico, Chung Hing Restaurant at 3053 Lauderdale Drive had 6 critical violations. The report says a jug labeled cooking sherry was instead filled with soap. The problems were fixed while the inspector was on site and Chung Hing earned a perfect score on a follow-up inspection two weeks later. We both called and visited Chung Hing. They declined to talk with us.

The motto of this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award is "It's good mood food." The Arby's at 7310 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield left inspectors in a good mood. The restaurant hasn't had a critical violation in a year, and staff perfected three recent inspections.

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