Flooded roads leave county schools closed, again

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) -- Because of the heavy rain we saw overnight, schools in New Kent and Charles City Counties were closed today.

A lake that had over spilled its banks by more than a foot, running across a bridge closing this road. Now, a nearby stream that is normally dry is filled with water today.

It's almost like a waterfall where one shouldn't be, stopping cars and making them turn around.

"It's overwhelming and in the wake of Irene, it's just one more thing we have to deal with," says New Kent homeowner Karen Schureman.

Scenes like that were scattered all over New Kent County, forcing schools to close, leaving mom and New Kent teacher Karen Schureman waiting another day for the school year to start.

"As a teacher, it's frustrating because I'm excited for the new year to begin. As a parent, I know my kids are excited," adds Karen.

Last night was anything but routine for Fire Chief Tommy Hicks. He spent the night riding around the county -- looking at flooded scene -- and quickly realizing school buses couldn't get to all the stops.

"The accessibility of buses to get to the routes, pick up the kids and get them back safely," says Hicks.

So he, along with the school district, decided to keep the kids home today.

Also, Irene's trail of destruction from nearly two weeks ago, made things even worse today. Leftover debris filled ditches and even washed onto the road, "that resulted in a lot more road closures than in a rain impacted event," says Hicks.

More than a dozen roads were shut down -- main roads even saw some ponding, too.

The hope is that all of the water will leave the roads by the end of the day today and things can get hopefully get back to normal tomorrow in New Kent, a county that has seen its fair share of changes since Hurricane Irene hit nearly two weeks ago.

At this point, we have not heard whether Charles City and New Kent kids will have to make up the day off from school later in the year.

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