FEMA heading to Louisa Thursday to assess power plant damage

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-Thursday morning, Federal leaders head to Louisa to tour the damage from last month's huge earthquake.

Others will take a closer look at how the North Anna power plant handled the earthquake.

FEMA leaders are set to see for themselves what we have been showing you for weeks on NBC12 and see what people in Louisa County have been living through since August's 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

Some of the worst damage is at the county high school but there were several homes and businesses that were also damaged, not just from the initial earthquake, but also from the 20 plus aftershocks.

Federal nuclear regulators will be meeting with Dominion leaders Thursday to discuss the North Anna power plant. The meeting will cover how the plant reacted to the quake and what the next steps are to turn the reactors back on.

There is some concern the quake shook the plant more than it's designed to take.

There has also been some breaking news Thursday morning from Louisa.

Last week we told you how the high school's football complex was vandalized before the football game on Friday. Thursday morning we learned the Sheriff's Office has some suspects in the case.

The names of those suspects are not being released but warrants for their arrest could be out as early as Friday.

A football team from Myrtle Beach is heading to Louisa Thursday to help rebuild the community and cheer on the Louisa County High team at it's second home game.

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