Chesterfield kindergartner left at wrong bus stop in rain

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The first day of school took a frightening twist for a Chesterfield kindergartner, after a bus driver dropped her off at the wrong stop. The 5-year-old was missing for 45 minutes Wednesday.

Her father says he was waiting at the bus stop for her this afternoon, but when it arrived, little Alexia Lopez wasn't there and the father says the bus driver didn't know where she was.

"I was terrified," said Shandra Lopez, Alexia's mother. "Everything just ran through my mind. Not knowing if somebody had her, if she had been kidnapped, hit by a car, anything."

It was pouring rain Wednesday afternoon. Lopez says as soon as she found out, she called the principal at J. A. Chalkely Elementary for help, but for 45 minutes no one could find her daughter.

Alexia's school is so close, you can actually see it from her back yard. Her mother says she was supposed to be dropped off at a bus stop just around the corner. Instead, she was found wandering in the neighborhood, several minutes away

"She dropped me off in the street," said Alexia, speaking of the bus driver. "I had to walk all the way home."

A stranger saw the child walking alone.

"I showed him my home and tell him it have red on it," said Alexia, who helped the man get her home.

Luckily, this stranger was a father who helped her and brought her home safely.

"I was so mad and sad," said Alexia. "That I didn't see my mommy."

Alexia is doing better now, reading and playing safely at home, but her parents say what happened is unacceptable.

"When I dropped her off at school, I expected her to come back home, safe and in once piece and it didn't happen that way," said Lopez.

Now, they say the school has to make changes.

"It's gotta be some changes made because this is my daughters first day and it happened to her. Who knows what's gonna happen to the next one?" said Lopez.

NBC12 did speak to officials with Chesterfield County Schools. A spokesman says they are investigating the situation, as well as their drop-off policies at bus stops. Alexia's mom says she plans to meet with the principal Thursday morning.

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