Wells Fargo warns about fake calls

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Your next phone call could be a scam. Wells Fargo is warning customers that crooks are phishing for private banking information. Janet Tope is community bank president for South East Virginia.

"We will not call to ask confidential information over the phone," Tope said.

In this latest attempt to fool consumers -- scam artists are calling claiming something is wrong with your account. Most of the reports say the calls will come to your cell phone and are automated. The caller will request your pin number and account number to fix the make-believe issue.

"If someone is unsure of what kind of phone call they have gotten and who that is from, they need to call they need to call the phone number on their statement or go into the nearest store and ask for a personal bank representative to help them out," she said.

So far, there are no reports of victims in our area -- but Wells Fargo says don't let your guard down! The bank reminds customers it can happen here and if you fall for it -- it could mean big trouble.

"Tons of risks, that personal information is confidential whenever you are banking on line or doing anything you have to go through security codes and passwords and there is a reason for that, there is a reason we ask for ID it is to protect you," said Tope.

Tope doesn't believe the recent scam calls are related to the conversion of Wachovia customers to Wells Fargo.

"If a crook is going to scam somebody they are going to scam somebody whether is B of A, Wachovia or Wells Fargo so I don't think it opens up the risk anymore," she added.

Wells Fargo also reminds customers -- its website has a special section dedicated to helping consumers identify fraud, tips on how to protect themselves and ways to report it.

Click here to visit Wells Fargo's Fraud page.

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