Goochland board delays vote on Benedictine's move

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - Tuesday, a big decision on the future of Benedictine High School was put on hold. The Goochland Board of supervisors deferred a vote on whether or not to allow the Richmond school to move to the County

The decision evoked several heated reactions this evening. Hundreds had come to weigh in on the military school's move. They still got that chance, but now, won't know the impact until at least December.

Sally Harrison likes the school, but opposes its move, "I can hear the noise from that public address system and they're asking for an exemption so they can make noise from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and they think that's going to improve my property values? Absolutely not."

But Headmaster, Jesse Grapes says their only moving to an existing campus, and it would help the school grow: "They need the room to breathe in school. all their classrooms are a bit overcrowded. we're bursting at the seams."

The board was supposed to vote on whether to grant a permit that would enable the school to move from Richmond to Goochland County, but a flyer distributed in parts of the county, had supporters outraged.

It claims supervisors want to "ramrod" the permit through approval and alleges the county would have to pay for traffic and sewage. Supervisors delayed their vote, giving the school time to refute the flyer , but continued with public input.

"Every afternoon, 200 students go to the Abby for athletics," said Brother Nolte McCarthey, Director of Operations at Benedictine High School. "It disrupts their school and their education. put em all on one campus, it's economical for the students, it's economical for the monks."

It's a possible change that has some singing the school's praises. One man did so literally, playing a song of support on his banjo.

But the traffic, has many others, saying "no."

"I do not want it out there because all the buses be going out there and these days all them children have their own cars," said Berlene Richardson. "There's gonna be a lot of traffic and there's going to be a lot of noise on me."

The school issued its own flyer at the meeting, saying they have a plan prepared that would actually reduce traffic. They also say a new sound system would reduce noise on campus.

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