What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Football is here

This may possibly be the busiest 8 days of the year for sports in the Commonwealth, so I would be remiss if I didn't ramble a little bit on my thoughts from the first weekend of the college football season and this upcoming weekend of craziness.

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- If you follow me on twitter, you know full well that I spent the weekend on Tobacco Road going to James Madison at UNC (a 42-10 Tar Heel win) and Richmond at Duke (a 23-21 Spiders triumph).  I'm going to shock you when I say this - I actually think the Dukes played a better game than the Spiders.  JMU played a almost mistake-free - I thought their defense tackled well, covered well, and I thought their offense did a great job holding onto the ball.  The problem was that UNC was that much better than the Dukes.  They were extremely fast (running back Gio Bernard will be an absolute star in the ACC) and their defense would not let Justin Thorpe do much.  I was impressed with JMU size-wise - they look the part of a BCS team. They just don't have the quickness.  As for Richmond, they committed plenty of mistakes, and other than Tre Gray, I'm worried if they have enough play-makers on offense to contend with the best teams in the CAA.  I thought Duke looked terrible.  Right from the start they did nothing right - there was no speed difference, no size difference, and no skill difference from the Spiders.  And they had poorer execution.  There was no question that Duke was the worst of the four teams that I saw Saturday, and they'll get annihilated by the Heels.

- The best player on the field at Wallace Wade Stadium was Richmond safety Cooper Taylor.  He played as a freshman at Georgia Tech, and I bet the Wreck miss him.  He was EVERYWHERE Saturday, and he's the favorite to win CAA Defensive Player of the Year.  Mark it down.

- This week the only team that has a prove-something-to-me game is UVA.  I think Richmond, JMU, William & Mary and Virginia Tech will coast to easy victories.  Virginia is playing the worst team in the Big 10, Indiana, but at their place.  This is still a young Cavalier team, and playing outside of Charlottesville can be difficult.  I believe the UVA is a much more talented team - so if they can get another easy victory (say by 17-21 points) then I think you can give this team a decent change to make a bowl game.

- I'll give more of my NASCAR thoughts as the week goes along. But one quick thing: I don't think that Denny Hamlin has anything to worry about in terms of making the Chase... but he had a huge weekend in the spring at RIR that was supposed to kickstart his season and it did not.  He needs to have another big weekend to get any kind of momentum going into the Chase, or it might as well not matter whether he makes it or not.

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Let me know what you're thinkin' about this weekend!