Woman donates school supplies

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The start of a new year helped forge a bond between two local families. They offer a powerful lesson in reaching out, giving back and paying it forward. Take a look at how one good deed can multiply over and over again, in this week's Acts Of Kindness.

Wilma Kidd and her family members help a family in need by providing new supplies and clothes for the start of the school year.

WILMA: "Want to open it? Ok, let's open it."
KATLYN: "Ooh, I got another Tinkerbell (backpack)."
WILMA: "I knew you'd like Tinkerbell."

A treasure trove of school supplies brings joy to siblings making a new start.

LISA: "What do you have? Tell her thank you."
REGINALD: "Thank you."
WILMA: "You're welcome."

WILMA: "They all have book bags, and they all have at least five or six new outfits for school."
LISA: "That's a blessing."
MARIA: "Ooh, Princess and the Frog!"

"It's like Christmas to them, but they're happy and I know they're appreciative," Lisa said.


"It primarily came from my family," Wilma said. "Each family member took one child and went out and started shopping for them, and then others started pitching in."

LISA: "You like it?"

"I immediately said I'm in, you know, count me in," said Franchon, Wilma's sister. "She sent the list of the children and I said I'll take this child and buy something."

Wilma says her family was inspired after seeing a July Acts Of Kindness segment featuring Lisa, a single woman who became guardian to four relatives she didn't want to see go into foster care when their mother lost custody.

"My mother had five kids and they adopted my four cousins when their mother died. Well then, Franchon's mother died and they took in three more kids," said Wilma. "So when I saw your story, it moved me because I knew how my family was and how we all came together."

WILMA: "We would like to know if we can adopt your family for Christmas...oh....don't cry."
LISA: "I'm just blessed."

"I don't care how many times you give a hug, or you lend a hand, or you lend an ear or you give a little act, words of kindness," said Wilma's mother, Gladys. "You're gonna always have that because that's you and all you'll ever have in life is what you give away."

The children and their aunt Lisa had something to share as well.

WILMA: "It's a picture of the kids. Look at that. That is so sweet! This says kind deeds are like prayers because we're teaching our children about giving back."

The children signed their names with love.

"We're hoping others out there will also watch Acts Of Kindness and do an Act Of Kindness," Wilma said.

These families will tell you, kindness truly is its own reward.

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