Dinwiddie schools extend summer vacation

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - During hurricane Irene all 8 Dinwiddie public schools lost power.

With the schools closed, time was not on the side of teachers who had to prep the classrooms.

Superintendent David Clark, made the decision to delay the first day back-to-school by two days.

"We also had to get the buildings clean, make sure they are operational so they are safe and at the same time we had to get cafeteria deliveries so without opening up school, stuff in the freezer had spoiled during the power outages," said Clark.

The last two schools to get power back were Dinwiddie Middle and Elementary schools - power was restored Sunday.

Many parents in Dinwiddie thought the delay was a wise decision.

"Well, in a way I was kind of glad because they can, you know, get up all the trees and wires, as long as the kids are safe I'm fine with it," said parent, Jackie Hall.

"It lets the parents get prepared and make sure the school and everything is right for the kids when they return," said parent, Sheritta Weaver.

Clark also said safety in nutrition was a major factor in the delay. Some of the food needed to be replaced after the power outage.

"Well that way you make sure the kids won't be sick and have everything covered so kids are fed," said Weaver.

"They didn't have running water for a couple of days almost a week; no lights , no nothing," said Hall.

And of course the older students don't mind, it's a couple more days of summer vacation.

"Well I was very happy because it gave me a couple more days to do a couple extra things during the summer so I was happy," said high school student, J.D. Baker.

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