Power finally being restored to last areas without

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The last 3,000 without power on Monday were all in the Richmond viewing area and crews at this point are just going house to house making sure each person gets back online.

Power crews were in the trees off Chippenham Monday. That's also where a traffic light was still out at Weyburn.

"We just heard the crash, my wife saw it." Down Weyburn we found Lee Gill, one of the last to get his power back, 10 days and counting.

"It gets olds but you know you've got to go with it. So, you know, we're lucky we've got the generator for the refrigerator and a light or two," he said.

Gill says Irene was worse than Isabel for his neighborhood. Some 30 homes were hit by trees. He also knew, once the lights went out, he'd be one of the last to get power back.

"I think it's because it's such a wooded area and it's the hardest area to clean up and they save it for last, is what I believe," he said.

Most of the work now is restoring power to individual homes. Pulling a downed line off the roof and reconnecting it.

"We've been on a lot of hurricanes over the years: Katrina, Hugo, Andrew. All of the rest of them. This is kind of normal for us August September."

Shane Phillips is out of Georgia. He's been working 16 hour days, only getting five hours sleep. He'd love to be home this labor day, but he's also happy he was able to help a lot of people.

"Most folks that we've run into have been very appreciative of us being here. There's a couple that are at the end of their rope, but yeah, Virginians have been very nice to us," he said.

Back to Gill, after waiting all that time, while we were talking to him, his lights finally came back on. "That's great! I guess we can turn the generator off now," he said.

Rachel asks: "Turn it off for good?"

Gill: "Oh yea! Til next time."

Those who just got their power back today are keeping a close eye on that storm off the coast hoping it stays out there and gives Richmond a break.

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