Day 9: Looking for lights

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Nine days without power and counting. Dominion Crews are continuing to restore power across the Richmond Metro Area.

At last check, more than nine-thousand people are still without electricity Sunday evening. That's a big difference from a few days ago, but many without power still feel angry and forgotten.

The pleas for help have gotten desperate. Those customers in the dark have started making new, arguably unusual attempts to snag Dominion's attention.

Several customers resorted to making signs. In Chester, one said, "Hey Dominion, you forgot Heritage Drive!"

Tammy Holzbach is on that road's power grid. Saturday morning, she still didn't have lights.

"They keep telling us it'll be back by the first, it'll be back by the third…still no power," said Holzbach.

In Bon Air, one sign counted the number of days neighbors have gone without power.

"I went out there and stood with my head in my hands going ugh, somebody help us! You know?" said customer, Mathew Hinderer.

But some customers we spoke with say they understand the wait.

"We have three poles down just to get to our house and there are other things that are more important: hospitals, services that have to be brought back online," said Michael Johnson. "I know they're trying to get to us and when they get us up, they'll get us up."

Many say, what's most frustrating is not knowing when they'll get some relief.

"Our neighbor got a message like Tuesday morning I believe telling her that the power was on, and of course…that didn't happen," laughed William Overstreet.

"They left 147 on this grid without power and they've worked the whole area and moved on and just left us sitting here,"sighed Holzbach.

Crews have swarmed both areas to restore power, but the customers say this late after the hurricane, it's little relief.

"You see them out on the corner scratching their heads going, why are we last? You know? Why are we last?" questioned Hinderer.

Dominion Virginia Power says the final projects are often the toughest and take more extensive work. They are committed to working each day until power is restored.

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