Irene Aftermath: Where Dominion crews are working Sunday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Sunday evening, nearly 7,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers are without power in the metro Richmond/Tri-Cities area.

Dominion has released a list of work sites for crews today. The full list can be found here. We've also posted it below.

Ashland Ashcake Rd

Beverly Rd

Blanton Rd

Blunts Bridge Rd

Cobbs Rd

Cozy Ln

Cubs Ln

E Patrick Henry Rd (Rt 54 east of Rt 656)

Elmont Rd

Glen Carrie Rd

Holly Berry Rd

John St

Leadbetter Pl

N Washington Hwy

Rt 659 @ Rt 656

Stumpy Rd

Thompson St

Trotter Mill Close

Winston Rd

Charles City Charles City Rd (lights)

Charles City Rd at Rt 622

Mapsico Rd

Old Union Rd

River Rd (Rt 5 west of Federal Aviation Admin)

Rt 155 (Mount Sterling)

The Glebe Ln

Tylers Mill Rd

West Run Rd

Chester Anglewood Ct

Arcadia Ave

Bermuda Orchard Ln @ Atlantic Bible College

Bermuda Orchard Ln south of Okuma Dr

Bradley Bridge Rd (lights)

Branders Bridge Rd

Cameron Ave

Carver Heights Blvd at Branders Bridge Rd

Castlebury Dr

Centralia Rd

Chester Grove Dr

Chester Rd

Chipstead Rd

Cliff Lawn Dr

Creek Way

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City / County Work Locations

Curtis St

E Hundred Rd

Eagle Rock Ct

Ecoff Ave

Elm St

Elmwood Ln

Enon Church Rd

Golf Course Rd

Grove Pl

Happy Hill Rd

Harrowgate Rd & Heritage Dr

Harrowgate Rd & Wraywood Ave

Harrowgate Rd (lights)

Harrowgate Rd north of Dudley Dr

Harrowgate Rd south Of Happy Hill Rd

Hopkins Rd

Iron Bridge Rd

Ironbridge Pkwy

Ironbridge Pkwy east of Arbor Green Dr

Jefferson Ave

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Knobbly Ct

Lewis Rd

Lively St

Mistwood Forest Dr

Nile Rd

Old Bermuda Hundred Rd

Osborne Rd

Owendale Rd

Petersburg St

Quiet Pine Cir

Ramblewood Dr

Richmond St

Rivermont Rd

Rolling Brook Rd

Sonnenburg Dr

Spruce Ave

Station Rd

Surry Rd

Treely Rd

W Hundred Rd

Walnut Dr

Winfree St

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City / County Work Locations

Wood Dale Rd

Woodleigh Dr

Chesterfield A Road

Addington Ave

Alcott Ter

Allerton St

Autumnleaf Dr

Avalon Heights Rd

Beach Rd

Bellbrook Dr East Of Hopkins

Ben Nevis Dr East of Logan St

Beulah Rd

Bloomfield Rd

Bluffside Dr

Bradleys Bridge Rd

Branders Bridge Rd & Whitehouse Rd

Breezy Ct

Brookshire Dr

Buford Rd

Bur Oak Ln

Caribbean Ln

Cattail Rd

Centrailia Rd

Chalkley Rd

Chalkley Rd

Chester Hill Cir

Chester Rd

Commander Rd

Corbridge East Of Hopkins Rd

Cosby Rd & Rt 360

Dalebrook Dr

Daleshire Dr

Dorsey Rd

Drewys Bluff Rd

Eanes Rd

Falling Creek Ave

Firethorne Ln

Forest Hill Ave West of Choctaw Rd

Ghent Dr

Goins Ln

Greglynn Rd

Gregory Pond Rd

Hickory Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Hicks Rd North of Hull St Rd

Hillview St

Hopkins Rd

Hopkins South Of Vauxhall Rd

Hull Street East Of Tanbark Dr

Ironbridge Rd

Ironbridge Road And Quaiff La

Ironside Dr

Jahnke Rd East of Bloomfield Rd

Jeff. Davis And Aberdeen Rd.

Jeff.Davis East Of Sherbourne

Kingsdale Rd

Kingsland Rd

Knightwood Ln

Lawnwood Dr

Little Creek Ln

Marina Dr

Marquette Rd

Marty Blvd

Meadowburm Dr

Merriewood Rd

Merriewood Rd E. Of Jeff. Davis

Midlothian Tpk East of Chippenham Pkwy

Nambe Cir

Nash Rd

Oakcliff Ave

Old Courthouse Rd

Oriole Ave

Pennway Dr

Perrymont Rd

Philbrook Rd

Pittman Rd

Restingway Ln

Rexmoor Dr

Reymet Rd

S Beulah Rd

Sandy Ford Rd

Scherer Dr And Sherbrook Ct

Seaview Dr

Sherbourne Rd

Slumber Ln

St George St

Stanley Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Stanwix Ln

Strathmore Rd

Swineford Rd. E Of Jeff.Davi

Taylor Rd

Telbury St


W Belmont Rd east of Licking Creek

Walmsley Blvd

Westwood St

Whitestone Dr

Willis And Southwood Rd

Woodpecker Rd

Wyndham Dr

Colonial Heights East Ave

Maple Grove Ave

Moore Ave

Dewitt Lew Jones Rd

Shippings Rd

Dinwiddie Boydton Plank Rd

Carson Rd

Eastside Ln

Ferndale Rd

Haven Ln

Hunnicut Rd

Snowy Ridge Ct

Spring Creek Rd

Turkey Egg Rd

Winding Trl

Disputanta Lamore Dr

Prince George Dr

East Richmond Admiral Gravely Rd & Stoney Run Rd

Atlee Rd south of Howard Rd

Atlee Station Rd & Old House Dr

Atlee Station Rd south of Westone Rd

Battlefield Pk Rd @ Fort Johnson

Blakeridge Ave

Blueberry Lane

Brad Dr

Brandy Creek Dr

Challis Ln & Grapevine Rd

Charles City Rd @ Hughes Store

Church La

Cold Harbor Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Cool Spring Rd

Cool Spring Rd north of Blankridge Rd

Craney Island Rd

Dana St

Darbytown Place east of Cedarpine Rd

Doran Rd

Epps Rd north of Piping Tree Ferry Rd

Falcon Dr

Grapevine Rd

Grapevine Rd north of Lacywood Ln

Holly Bluff Rd

Hopewell Rd (Rt 619 west of Rt 607)

King William Rd @ E Spring Forest Rd

Lewis Tyler La

Longbridge Rd

Lott Cary Rd & Samaria Ln

Mccellan Rd & Rockhill Rd

Mcclellan St

Meadow Rd

Mechanicsville Tpk & Spring Run Rd

Mill Rd & Battlefield Park Rd

N Mayfield La

N Rt 60 west of Rt 618

New Ashcake Rd

New Kent Hwy

New Market Rd

Old Church Rd

Old Newcastle Rd

Old Roxbury Rd

Old Union Rd

Old Williamsbur Rd (multiple locations)

Osborne Tpk & Battery Hill Rd

Parsleys Mill Rd

Pocahontas Trl

Rinker Ct west of Gerjlean Dr

Rockhill Rd

Rosser Rd & Watts La

Roxbury Rd

Rt 301 & Rt 1006

Rt 301 north of Cedarcrest Spring Hill Rd

Rt 360 south of Lancaster Rd

Rt 360 south of Rt 606

Rt 5

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City / County Work Locations

Rt 54 across from Hanover County Garage

Rt 60 south-east of Virginina Forestry Service

Rt 600 east of Rt 1581

Rt 603 west of Rt 609

Rt 608 & Rt 666

Rt 608 north of Rt 666

Rt 609 East of Tanglewood Ct

Rt 611 east of Sherwood Dr

Rt 614 & Rt 1004

Rt 614 & Rt 615

Rt 615 north of Rt 60

Rt 615 west of Rt 614

Rt 619 south of Rt 607

Rt 619 west of Rt 607

Rt 628 & Rt 606

Rt 630 east of Barkers Mill Rd

Rt 650 (Cattail Rd) west of Rt 609 (Barnetts Rd)

Rt 732 north of Rt 629

Rt 798 & Rt 655

Rt 814 west of Rt 630

S Hopewell Rd (Rt 619 west of Rt 606)

S Studley Rd east of Studley Farms Dr

Sliding Hill Rd south of Rt 54

Spring Run Rd east of Ruffin Ridge Rd

Spring Run Rd north of Old Church Rd

Steel Trap Rd north of Old Church Rd

Steel Trapp Rd

Strath Rd & Lammrich R

Strath Rd east of Roundabout Rd

Strath Rd near Rt 5

The Glebe Ln

Treva Rd @ Beulah Rd

Turner Rd south-west of Turner Rd

UN Unk Unk

Varina south of Rt 5

Waymacks Rd @ Old Union Rd

Whippoorwill Rd

Williamsburg Rd & Rising Mount Zion Rd

Windsor Rd east of Barnett Rd

Wrva Rd

Glen Allen Ashland Rd

Brookemoor Ln

Cauthorne Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Cedar Ln

Chickahominy River Ln

Cole Blvd

Good Oak Ln

Greenwood Rd

Hoenhs Rd.

Holly Hill Rd

Kellipe Rd

Lambeth Rd

Maryland Ave

Merkner Dr

Mount Olive Ave

Mountain Rd

New York Ave

Old Springfield Rd

Pennsylvania Ave

Pouncey Tract Rd

Pouncey Tract Rd

Richmond Rd

Rosebud Bend Ln

Sideview Ln

Telegraph Rd

Virginia Ave

Hanover Lancaster Rd

River Rd

Henrico Brynmawr off Woodberry

Chesley Rd

Hermitage Rd

Highland Springs N Elm Ave

Sherilyn Dr

Hopewell Boston St

Burnham Dr

Cavalier Sq

Cloverdale Ave

E Broadway

Elm St

James River Dr

Jordan Point Rd

N 3 1/2 Ave

N 8Th Ave

N Main St

Randolph Rd

Riverside Ave

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City / County Work Locations

Sandy Ridge Rd

Stewart Ave

Stonewall Ave

Sunnyside Ave

Trenton St

W City Point Rd

King William King William Rd

Two Oaks Ln

Lanexa New Kent Hwy

Paige Rd

Rt 249 On Sertoma Dr

Manquin Brooks Rd

Dabneys Mill Rd

Enfield Rd

Enfield Rd Pool Rd

Richmond Tappahannock Hwy

Rt 360 at Rt 605

McKenney Boydton Plank Rd

Depot Rd

Doyle Blvd

Glenwood Ave

Sunnyside Rd

Westover & Route 1

Westover Dr South of 3Rd St

Mechanicsville Atlee Rd

Atlee Station Rd

Beulah Church Rd

Brampton Dr

Brandy Branch Mill Rd

Burr Cir

Chamberlayne Ave at Rural Point Rd

Chamberlayne Rd

Cool Spring Chu Rd

Cool Spring Rd

Darva Gln

Glenharbor La

Hunterbrook Cir

Hunterbrook Dr

Jasmine Ct

John Henry Ln

Kings Charter Dr & Finlandia Ln

Kirby Cove Ln

Meadow Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Mechanicsville Tpk

Mountain Lily Ln

Na Spring Run Rd

Old Church Rd

Old Spring Garden Ln

Peach Orchard La & Arrow Stone Rd

Pleasant Oaks Ln

Pond Way

Rimfire Rd

Rt 156 East of Boatswain La

Rt 606 South of Rt 604

Rt 634

Rt 635 Between Rt 633 And Sandy Valley Creek

Rt 732 & Eps Rd

Sandy Valley Rd

Shall Dr West of Rt 650

Spring Run Rd

Studley Farms Dr South of Rt 606

Studley Rd

Sunnyside Dr

Swannanoa Trail

Tappahannock Hwy

Turkey Hill Trail

Via Farm Dr

Williamsville Rd (Hawmill Rd) North of Rainer Dr

Woody Ln

Midlothian Abbey Rd

Arsenal Dr

Avonmore Rd And Stratford Rd

Bailey Bridge Rd

Belmont And Bowland Rd

Bending Oak Dr

Black Heath Rd

Boswell Rd

Boswell Rd

Breezewood Ct

Broad Rock Blvd

Brookhaven Rd And Kirby Rd

Buford Rd And Rockaway Rd

Butte Rd

Butte Rd And Rivercrest

Charlise Rd

Cherokee Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Chesco Rd

Cosby Rd

Courthouse Rd North of Smoketree Dr

Davelayne Rd

Deer Range Rd

Easthampton Dr

Edgmere Blvd

Grimsby Rd

Haveridge Ct

Heathmere Cres

Hensley Rd

Hicks Rd

Hinshaw Dr

Hopkins And Shaw

Hopkins at Lakehills Rd

Hugenot Rd North of Waxford

Hugenot Rd South of Waxford

Huguenot Rd North of Burgundy Rd

Hull St Rd East of Hicks Rd

Jahnke Rd And Spring Lake

Jahnke Rd South of Boroughbridge

Jessup West of Rt. 10

Keighly Rd

Kilrenny Rd

King Cotton Ln

Lucks La East of Exbury Dr

Lucks Ln

Luton Rd And Tanbark Rd

Lynhaven Ave

McGuire Dr

Melody Rd

Melody Rd

N Spring Run Rd

Nash Rd

Nash Rd

Old Gun Rd East North of Rams View

Old Gun Rd West North of Young Manor Rd

Providence Rd

Qualla at Donegal

Riverside Dr East of Strat

Riverside Dr West of Strat

Rock Spring Rd off Ironbridge Rd

Rt 10 at Goodwin Lumber

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City / County Work Locations

Rt 360 at Baldwin Creek Rd

Rt 360 East of Doss Rd

Sappony Rd

Semmes Ave at 28Th St

Southampton Rd And Butte Rd

Spring Run North of Triple Crown

Spring Run Rd


Stornaway Dr W Of Bonniebrea Dr

Stratford Rd

Stratford Rd And Custis Rd

W 22Nd St

Wakefield Rd

Walkerton Rd And Walkerton Ct

Warwick Rd And Bramwell Rd

Water Pointe Ln

Weyburn Rd

Whitestone Rd

Winfore Ct

Winfore Dr

Woodbine Rd & Archer Rd

Moseley Ledo Rd

Hull Street Rd

Sappony Rd

New Kent Laurel Rd

Mt Pleasant

N Tunstall Station Rd

New Kent Hwy

Old Quarter Ln

Talleysville Rd

Petersburg Allen Ave

Appomatox St & Dunlop St.

Arlington Rd

Ashwood Dr

Balsam Ln

Baxter Rd

Beaver Castle Rd

Beavercastle Rd

Behind Curtis Elem Sch

Bellwood Rd

Berkeley Ave

Berkley Ave

Bermuda Orchard Ln

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City / County Work Locations

Blue Tartan Rd

Boydton Plank Rd

Boydton Plank Rd South of Pine Grove Rd

Branders Bridge Rd

Briggs Ln

Brooksdie Ave

Brookside Dr

Brownwall Rd

Buckingham St

Buckner St

Burks St

Burleigh Dr

Butterwood Rd

Carroll Ave

Centre Hill Ave

Chesdin Rd

Chuckatuck Ave

Church Rd

Claiborne Rd

Cloverdale Ave

Commerce St

Conifer Rd

County Dr

Courthouse Rd

Cox Rd

Cox Rd

Crater Woods Ct

Deer Run Dr

Dellrose Dr

Duncan Rd

E Tuckahoe St

E Wythe St

Eanes Rd

Ecoff Ave

Ellerslie Ave

Elm St

Enon Church Rd

Enon Church Roa Rd

Ferndale Rd

Fine St

Flank Rd

Floyd Ave

Floyd St

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City / County Work Locations

Fountain Ridge Rd

Franklin Ave

Frontage Rd

Graham Rd

Graves Rd

Griffin Rd

Hampton Ave

Happy Hill West of Harrowgate

Harding St

Harrison St

Harrowgate North Of Heritage

Harrowgate Rd

Hatchett Rd

Hickory Hill Rd

Hickory Rd

Hickory Rd

Hinton St

Hopkins at Inca Dr

Hopkins Rd

Hunnicut Rd

Inca Dr

Inge Rd

Iron Bridge Rd

Ironbridge Rd

Jeff Davis S. Of Sherbourne Rd.

Jeff. Davis And Chesterhill Circle

Jerusalem Plank Rd

Johnson Rd

Kingsdale And Chester

Lawyers Rd

Lewis Rd

Liberty St

Little Rd

Lunswood Dr South of Hanbur

Maria Ct

Matoaca Rd

Matoax Ave

Maywood St

Merriewood Rd

Mount Vernon St

Mt. Blanco Rd

N Enon Church Rd

N Spring Branch Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Nance Dr

Northampton Rd

Old Bermuda Hundred at I95

Old Hopkins Rd

Olgers Rd

Pams South Of Norcliff

Parkdale Ln

Parkdale Rd

Patterson St

Petty St

Pheasant Run

Pickett Ave

Plane Dr

Porterville St

Rio Vista St

River Rd

Rt 460

Rt. 10 W. Of Harbor Ea Rd

Ruffin Rd

S Chester Rd

S Crater Rd

S West St

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandyford Rd

Shady Hill Ln

Shop St

South Blvd

Southwood Dr

Spain Dr

Spotwood Dr

Squirrel Level Rd

St Mathews St

Strathmore Rd

Strathmore Rd

Sunnybrook Rd South of Spain Dr

Sunnyside Rd

Sunset Ave

Sussex Dr

Sussex Dr

Tartan Rd

Temple Ave. And Pride Ave

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City / County Work Locations

Timber Rd

Timpam Ln

Tuckahoe Ave

Tyler Rd

Walkers Mill Rd

Walkers Mill Rd South of Hunt Rd

Walnut Hill Sub

Walton St

Washington St W

Wells St

White Oak Rd

Wilham Rd

Willis Rd East Of Quinnford Blvd

Windsor Rd at Perdue St

Winfree St

Woodland Rd

Woodpecker Rd

Prince George Courthouse Rd

Hidden Hills Ct

Old Stage Rd

Prince George Dr

Ruffin Rd

Whispering Winds Dr

Providence Forge Adkins Rd

Alpine Rd

Emmaus Church Rd

Golden Wheel Rd

Mt Pleasant Rd

Pocahontas Trail

Pocahontas Trail

Rt 609 North of Rt 605

Rt 618

Rt 629 And Rt 602

Rt 631 East of Rt 615

Travis Trail

Whitemill Rd

Quinton Cherry Rd

Elm Rd

Fairview Dr

Hemlock Rd

Jackson Rd

Jefferson Dr

Lakemont Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Lakeshore Ct

Lakeshore Dr

Larkwood Ct

Maple Rd

New Kent Hwy

Pocahontas Trail

Red Bud Dr

Rt 60 South of Liberty Hall Plant

Spruce Rd

Terminal Rd

Washington Rd

Richmond 5th Ave

8th St & Masonic Ln

Abbotsford Way

Adelphi Rd

Aiken Dr

Amesbury Ln west of Chipplegate

Amherst Ave

Augusta Ave

Avalon Dr

Avondale Ave

Azalea Ave east of Edgefield St

Baldwin Rd

Bandy Rd

Barlen Dr

Basie Rd

Battlefield Park Rd

Baywood Ct

Beechmont Rd & Cherokee Rd

Bells Rd

Berrybrook Dr & Little Creek Ln

Beulah Rd

Bicknell Rd south of Ammonette Dr

Blaine Rd

Bland St

Blandwood Rd

Blue Jay Ln

Bluefield Rd

Bowland Rd

Brawner Dr

Bremo Rd north of West Club Ln

Brentwood Rd

Brigham Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Brighton Rd

Bromley Ln

Brook Rd

Brookside At Baldwin Rd

Brookwood Rd

Buford Rd north of Bannon Rd

Burgundy Rd

Burtwood Ln

Camp Brady Saunders

Carlisle Ave

Carmine St

Carter St

Cary Street Rd

Cedarbrooke Ln

Chaffins Bluff Ln

Chamberlayne Ave

Chandler Cir

Chandler Dr west of Gardiner Rd

Charles City Cir

Cherokee Rd And Southampton Rd

Cherokee Rd north of Southaven

Cherokee Rd west of Whitehall Rd

Chester Hill Cir

Cheswick Ln

Chickahominy Bluffs Ct

Church Rd

Churchwood Pl

Cloister Dr

Collier Hill Rd

Colwyck Rd

Comet Rd

Compton Rd

Condover Rd

Conifer Rd

Country Squire Ln

Cranbrook Rd

Crestwood Rd

Crump between Anniston & Mechanicsville Trnpke

Custis Rd

Cutshaw Ave

Dabbs House Rd

Damascus west of Upham Dr.

Danray Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Danray Dr. east of Brookside Blvd

Darbytown Rd

Debora Dr

Deepwater Terminal Rd

Denbigh Dr

Desota Dr

Diane Ln

Ditchley Rd

Dogwood Rd

Donaldwood Dr

Donder Rd

Dorchester Rd

Dubois Ave

Dunbar between Cutshaw & Grace St

Eanes Ln

East 10th St

East Chatham Dr

East Franklin St

East German School Rd

East Laburnum Ave

East Marshall St

East Rich Rd At Stony Run

Echo Ave

Edenberry Dr

Edgelawn St

Elba south of Craig Ave

Elderslie Pl

Elkridge Ln

Ellwood Ave

Elmbrook Rd

Elmsmere Ave

Enfield Ave

Enslow Ave

Evergreen Rd

Fairfield Ave

Farmington Dr

Fauquier Ave

Floyd Ave

Fordson Farm Ln

Forest Ave

Forest east of Skipwith

Forest east of Westhill

Forest Hill Ave

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City / County Work Locations

Fort Hill Dr

Foxcroft Rd between Hillview Ave & Patterson Ave

Franconia Rd

Fruehauf Rd

Fulham Dr

Gaffney Rd

Gaymont Rd

Gayton Rd

Gibraltar Dr

Glenside Dr

Glenwood Ave

Good Oak @ Mountain Rd

Goodes St

Gordon Ave

Grandview Dr north of South Dr

Grantwood Rd

Gravelbrook Dr

Greenbrier Ave

Greenvale Ct

Greenvale Dr

Gregory Dr

Gregory Pond Rd

Grubbs At Walmsley Blvd

Guilder Ln

Gurley Rd

Hanover Ave

Hartman St

Harvette Ct

Haviland Dr between Fordson & Basswood

Hawthorne Ave

Hazelhurst Ave

Hermitage Rd

Hickory Rd

Highland Rd

Hilliard Rd

Hilliard Rd @ Prospect Ave

Hillwood Rd

Hioaks Rd north of Jahnke Rd

Hobby Hill Rd And Garfield Rd west of Stoney Pt Rd

Hoke Brady Rd

Holly Hill Rd & Bridle Ln

Holly St

Honey Ln

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City / County Work Locations

Hood Dr

Hopkins Rd

Hopkins Rd At Collier Hill Rd

Horsepen Rd

Howard St

Huguenot Rd

Huguenot Rd east of Bon Oaks Rd

Huguenot Rd north of Arran Rd

Hull St And Elkhardt Rd

Hull St Rd @ Ridgecliff Dr

Hull St Rd north of Silverwood Dr

Hull St Rd west of Woodhaven Dr

Hungary Springs At Stoneman Rd

Hungry Springs Rd

I 95 Off Brookside Blvd

Independence Rd

Ironbridge Rd

Jahnke Rd

Jeff Davis And Chesterman Ave

Jones Oak Grove La

Jones Oak Grove Ln

Kensington Ave

Kent St

Kenwood Ave

Kewbridge Ct

Kilmarnock Dr

Ladino Ln

Lakeside Ave

Landria Dr north of Northview Pl

Laurel Hill Ln

Lawndell west of Parham Rd

Leicester Rd

Leonard Pkwy

Leseur north of Yolanda

Limerick Dr

Lincoln Ave

Lorraine Station Rd

Maintenance Way

Malvern Ave

Manlyn Rd

Mansfield Dr

Maple Ave

Maple Shade Ln

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City / County Work Locations

Maplewood Rd

Marina Dr

Markview Ln

Marroit Rd

Masonic Ln

Masonic Ln north of Gay Ave

Maybeury Dr

Mayland Dr

McCrae Rd

Meadowbridge Rd

Meadowburm Dr

Mechanicsville Tpk northeast on Bloom Ln

Messer Rd

Michael Rd

Midvale Rd

Mill Rd

Minna Dr

Missouri Ave

Montclair Rd

Montezuma Ave

Montpelier St

Montrose Ave

Monument Ave

Moss Side Ave

Nancy Dr

Natalie Ct

National St

Nelson St

Nelwood Dr

Nelwood Dr & Malone St

New Kent Rd

New York Ave between South Meadow & Southampton

Newport Dr

Noble Ave

Normandy Dr

North 20th St

North 24th St

North 27th St

North 32nd St

North 34th St

North 37th St

North 3rd St

North Allen Ave

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City / County Work Locations

North Colonial Ave

North Granby St

North Hopkins Rd

North Thompson St

Nottoway Ave

Oakland Rd

Oakwood Ln

Old Bridge north of Westham Station

Old Lewiston Rd

Orchard Rd

Oriole Ave

Osborne Tpk west of Hoke Brady Rd

Osborne Tpke

Osbourne Tpke

Overhill Rd

Overton Rd

Palmyra Ave

Park Ave

Park Ave & Greenway

Parker St

Parkline Dr

Parkwood Ave

Patrick Ave

Patterson & Lakewater Dr

Patterson Ave

Paxton Rd

Paxton St

Pearces Creek Ln

Pelham Dr

Pemberton north of Downing

Pennway Dr Off Courthouse

Pershing Ave

Phaup St

Polk St west of Buford Rd

Pope Ave

Pothead Ashland Rd south of Rt 33

Powhatan St

Province Dr

Rainwater Ct

Randall Ave

Randolph St

Redd St east of Spotsylvania

Richmond Henrico trnpke south of Craig Ave

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City / County Work Locations

Ridge north of Patterson

Ridge Top Rd

Rigsby Rd

Rio Vista Ln

Riverside Park

Riverview Dr

Rockfalls Dr south of Menokin Rd

Rockwood Rd

Rolando Dr

Rolfe Rd

Roselawn Rd

Roundtree Rd

Royerton Dr

Rt 1 south of Blackstone Ave

Rt 10 south of Spring Dr.

Rt 33 And Rt 709

Rt 5 northwest of Turner Rd

Rt 623 east of Brookhollow

Rt 625 Off Rt 623

Ruffin Rd

Russel St

Ruthers Rd

Rycliff Ave

S St

Salem Church Rd

Sanborn Dr

Sanborn Rd north of Swanson Rd

Sauer Ave south of Franklin St

Seminary Ave

Seneca Rd

Shady Grove Rd

Shirley Rd north of Cherokee Rd

Shrubbery Hill Rd

Silver Stream Ln

Sir Walter Dr

Skipwith north of Three Chopt Rd

Skipwith west of Mayland

Smithdeal Ave

Somoa Dr

South Laburnum Ave

South Newton Cir

South Robinson St

South Shields Ave

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City / County Work Locations

South Willetta Dr

St Claire east of Mechanicsville Tpk

St George St

Stockbridge Dr

Stockwood Rd east of Yorkshire Dr

Stoneman Rd

Stonewall Ave

Stuart Ave

Stuart Oaks Dr & Big Apple Rd

Sweetbriar Dr

Taylor Ave

Thompson St

Three Chopt & Tuckaway Ln

Three Chopt Rd @ Park Ave.

Three Chopt west of Dresden

Townes Rd

Turner Rd

Twin Lake Ln north of Summit Dr

Valley Rd

Vanderbilt Ave

Varina Rd

Vauxhall Rd

Vernelle Ln

Vinton St

Virginia Ave

Wakefield Rd

Wallace St

Waltham Ct

Waltham Dr

Waltham Dr

Wanyamala @ Vincennes

Warwick Ave

Wedgewood Ave

Wentbridge Rd

West 42nd St

West 43rd St

West Broad St

West Brook Run Dr

West Cary St

West Claiborne St & Allen

West Clay St

West End Dr

West Franklin St

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City / County Work Locations

West Grace St

West Laburnum Ave

West Marshall St

West Monmouth Ct

West Riverside Dr

West Willingham Rd

Westcastle Dr

Westchester Cir

Westcott Dr

Westham Pkwy

Westhill Rd

Westmoor Cir

Westmoreland St

Westover Hills Blvd

Westshire Ln

Westwood Ave

Westwood Ave between Hawthorne Ave & Noble

Westwood Between Moss Side & Noble

Westwood Swim Club

Wetherly Dr

Wilkinson Rd

Willingham Rd

Willway Ave

Wilmer Ave

Wimbleton Dr

Windsordale Dr

Wishart Cir

Wood & Mecklenburg St

Woodlawn Ave

Woodrow Ter

Worthington Rd

Wright Ave


Wyncliff Dr

Wythe Ave

Wytheland Rd @ Ridgegcrest

Yale Ave

Yorkshire Dr

Sandston Annlyn Dr

Beulah Rd north of Treva Rd

Beulah Road north of Portugee Rd

Brad Dr

Bunker Ln

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City / County Work Locations

Challis Ln

Chiappa Rd

Clayman Rd

Defense Ave

Dry Bridge Rd

East Nine Mile Rd

East Williamsburg Rd

Grapevine Rd

Kellbunn Ln

Meroyn Dr

Monterey Ave

Nash Rd

Old Williamsburg Rd West Of Boar Swamp

Raines Ave

Seabury Ave

South Confederate Ave

Subrenda Dr

Taraby Dr

Taylor Rd

Treva Rd

West Williamsburg Rd

Whiteside Rd

Williamsburg Rd east of Brad Dr

Wilson Ave North Of Sedgewick St

Wootton Rd

Sutherland Claiborne Rd

Cox Rd east of Sutherland Dr

Trench Ct

Waverly Beaver Dam Rd

Franklin St

North Beaver Dam Rd

Robert Wilkins Ave @ West Main St

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