Irene Aftermath: Where Dominion crews are working Saturday

Stay with NBC12 for the very latest on Irene's Aftermath
Stay with NBC12 for the very latest on Irene's Aftermath

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dominion Virginia Power has released a list of locations it plans on sending crews to on Saturday.

Dominion states: "Lists are based on early morning work plans for crews. However, needs often change during a major restoration and crews stay on the move. They may visit, leave and return to some locations, and may perform work at locations not shown on today's list."

You can see the work list for Richmond/Tri-Cities here. There's also a list for the Northern Neck available here.


City / County Work Locations

Ashland Ashcake Rd

Beverly Rd

Cubs Ln

E Patrick Henry Rd

Glen Carrie Rd

Holly Berry Rd

John St

Rt 657 west of Rt 679

Rt 659 & Rt 656

Rt 679 south of Link Rd

Stumpy Rd

Thompson St

Aydlett Richmond Tappahannock Hwy

Carson Halifax Rd

Charles City Adkins Rd

Barnetts Rd

Cattail Rd

John Tyler Memorial Hwy

Old Union Rd

Rt 155 across from Charles City School Complex

Rt 155 Mount Sterling

Wayside Rd

Chester Arcadia Ave

Bermuda Hundred Rd

Boyd Rd

Bradley Bridge Rd

Branders Bridge Rd

Bridgetown Cir

Carver Heights Blvd

Castlebury Dr

Centralia Rd

Chester Grove Dr

Chester Rd

Chipstead Rd

Cliff Lawn Dr

Curtis St

E Booker Blvd

E Hundred Rd

Ecoff Ave

Elmwood Ln

Esther Ln

Executive Dr

Great Branch Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Grove Pl

Happy Hill Rd

Harrowgate & Heritage Dr

Harrowgate & Wraywood Ave

Harrowgate south of Happy Hill Rd

Iron Bridge Rd

Ironbridge Pkwy

Ironbridge Pkwy east of Arbor Green Dr

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Lewis Rd

Littlefield Rd

Lively St

Mccabe Ct

Old Bermuda Hundred east of Ramblewood Rd

Osborne Rd

Owendale Rd

Parker Ln

Richmond St

Rivers Bend Blvd

Rolling Brook Rd

Somerlane Cir

Station Rd

Surry Rd

Shop St

Village Garden Dr

W Hundred Rd

West Rd and Petersburg St

Winfree St

Wood Dale Rd

Woodleigh Dr

Chesterfield Glebe Point subdivision

Black Rd

Bradleys Bridge Rd

Courthouse north of Rt 288

Courthouse Rd east of Camp

Creekbed Rd

Hancock Village St

Physic Hill Rd

Qualla Rd

Rhodes Ln

Riverway Rd

Rock Run Rd

Sandy Ford Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Seaview Dr

Thoreau Ct

Thoreau Dr

Reedy Branch Rd

Winterpock Rd

Woodpecker Rd

Church Road Courthouse Rd

Cox Rd

Courthouse Rd

Colonial Heights Battery Pl

Cameron Ave

Cloverhill Ave

Ellis Lane

Hamilton Ave

Sadler Ave

Temple Ave

Walnut Ave

Crozier Allentown Rd

Dinwiddie Boydton Plank Rd

Carson Rd

Spring Creek Rd

Walker Ln

Disputanta Arwood Rd

Golf Course Dr

Hines Rd

James River Dr

Lamore Dr

Prince George Dr

East Richmond Antioch Dr

Atlee Rd

Atlee Rd south of Howard Rd

Atlee Station Rd

Battlefield Pk Rd @ Fort Jjohnson

Birch Ln off Colony Dr

Brad Dr

Chanpman Rd

Charlbury Cir & Colesbury Dr

Charles City Rd

Charles City Rd @ Hughes Store

Charles City Rd north of Hines Rd

Church La

Cold Harbor Rd

Cosby Mill Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Dabbs House Rd

Dana St

Darbytown Place east of Cedarpine Rd

Deep Bottom Rd

Doran Rd

Epps Rd

Flannagan Mill Rd

Fox Hunter La

Gatewood Rd

Georgetown Rd

Georgetown Rd between Foxal Rd & Chesnut Church Rd

Glebe Rd south of Charles City High School

Haupts La

Hopewell Rd

Hopewell Rd

Hwy 644

Kaye Dr

King William Rd

Lakeside Dr

Lewis Tyler La

Linstead Rd & Woodview Dr

Longbridge Rd

Lords La

Market Rd

Masonic Home

Mccellan Rd and Rockhill Rd

Mcclellan Rd

Mcclellan St

Meadow Rd

Mechanicsville Tpk

Mill Rd & Battlefield

N Cosby Mill Rd

N Foxhill Rd north of 3rd St

N Mayfield La

N Rt 60 west of Rt 618

New Ashcake Rd

New Chestnut Church Rd & Georgetown Rd

New Kent Hwy

New Kent Hwy

New Town Rd

Old Church Rd

Old Roxbury Rd

Old Union Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Old Union Road

Old Williamsbur Rd

Osborne Tnpk & Battery Hill Rd

Parsleys Mill Rd

Pemberton Ave

Pocahontas Trl

Rockhill Rd

Roxbury Rd

Rt 1417 & Polegreen Rd

Rt 155 north of Rt 5

Rt 30 & Rt 617

Rt 30 east of Rt 613

Rt 30 west of Rt 648

Rt 301 & Rt 1006

Rt 301 north of Cedarcrest

Rt 360 & Rt 608

Rt 5

Rt 5 south of Hickory Rd

Rt 5 west of Greenway Rd

Rt 54 Across From Hano

Rt 60 south-east of Virginia Forestry Service

Rt 600 & south of Rt 360

Rt 600 east of Rt 1581

Rt 603 west of Rt 609

Rt 606 south of Rt 629

Rt 608 & Rt 666

Rt 608 north of Rt 666

Rt 609 east of Tanglewood Ct

Rt 609 west of Tanglewood Ct

Rt 614 & Rt 1004

Rt 614 & Rt 615

Rt 614 Rt 1501

Rt 615 west of Rt 614

Rt 619

Rt 630 east of Barkers Mill Rd

Rt 632 east of Rt 633

Rt 632 north of Rt 633

Rt 638 & Hopewell Rd

Rt 640 & Rt 611

Rt 650 west of Rt 609

Rt 653 & Rt 619

Rt 798 & Rt 655

Rt 814 west of Rt 630Rt

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City / County Work Locations

Rumford Rd south of Rt 360

S Studley Rd

Sliding Hill Rd

south of Treva Rd On Beulah Rd

Strath Rd

Strath Rd & Lammrich Rd

Strath Rd south of Rt 5

The Glebe Ln

Union St

Union St

Washington Henry School Rd east of Shady Grove Rd

Waymacks Rd

Webster Dr south of Antioch Dr

Whippoorwill Rd

Williamsburg Rd

Williamsburg Rd & Naglee Ave

Windsor Rd & Barnett Rd

Woodview Dr


Glen Allen Belfast Rd

Cedar Branch @ Innsbrook

Elks Pass Ln

Old Springfield Rd

Rt 623 east of Elmont Sub

Rt 713 @ Old Ashland Carline

Sadlers Rd @ Thorncroft Dr

Thorncroft Dr

Levecchia Way

Goochland Turner Rd

Hanover Cadys Mill Rd north of Cadys Ln

River Rd

Williamsville Rd

Henrico Chesley Rd

Hermitage Rd

Highland Springs Hanover Rd south of Hart St

Pleasant St east of Babcock Rd

Sherilyn Dr

Wales Dr north of Wales Cir

Hopewell Allen Ave

Appomattox St

Arlington Rd

Atlantic St

Atwater Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Berry St

Boston St

Burnham Dr

Cavalier Sq

Cedar Ln

E Broadway

E Poythress St

Elm St

Forest Ave

High Ave

James River Dr

Johnson St

Jordan Point Rd

Mansion Dr

N 20th Ave

N 2nd Ave

N 3rd Ave

N 4th Ave

N 9th Ave

N Hopewell St

Park Ave

Princess Anne St

Ramsey Ave

Ruffin Rd

S 20th Ave

S 9th Ave

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sherwood Ave

Stewart Ave

Sunnyside Ave

Trenton St

W Broadway

W City Point Rd

W Poythress St

Western St

Jarratt Blue Star Hwy between Mays St & Maclin Ave

Gray St

Moores Ln

South Halifax Rd

Wyatts Mill Rd

King William Gatewood Rd

King William Rd

Snow Hill Ln

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City / County Work Locations

West Chinquapin Rd

Lanexa Sertoma Dr north of Rt 249

Stage Rd

Maidens Maidens Rd

Manakin Sabot Manakin Rd

Mechanicsville Atlee Rd

Atlee Rd near Rt 1127

Atlee Rd south of Finlandia Ln

Brampton Dr

Burnside Dr

Chamberlayne Ave @ Rural Point Rd

Chamberlayne Rd

Cold Harbor Rd

Colony Cir

Hanovertown Rd

Holly Ridge Rd

Holly Ridge Road

Jane Lee Cir

Kenmore Dr

Kirby Cove Ln

Loralea Dr

Market Rd

Mcgregor Ln

Mechanicsville Tpke

N Mayfield La

Piping Tree Ferry Rd & Windy Knoll Ln

Pleasant Oaks Ln

Pleasant Run Ln

Pond Way

Rimfire Rd

Rockhill Rd

Rt 156 east of Boatswain La

Rt 615 north of Rt 799

Rt 619 east of Rt 628

Rt 629 east of Rt 732

Rt 634

Shady Grove Rd

Shiloh Pl

Sonny Meadows Ln

Springton Rd

Studley Farms Dr south of Rt 606

Studley Rd

Turkey Hill Trl

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City / County Work Locations

Twin Cedar Ln

Walnut Grove Rd

West Hill Baptist Church

Williamsville Rd

Winding Knoll Ln

Woody Ln

Wrenwood Dr

Midlothian 49th St

Arsenal Dr

Ashburn Rd

Ashburn Rd

Avignon Dr

Boswell Rd

Boswell Rd

Breezewood Ct

Brown Rd & Cowan Rd

Brown Rd south of Peck Rd

Buford Rd & Hazen Rd

Buford Rd & Rattlesnake Rd

Buford Rd & Rockaway Rd

Burnett Rd

Cherokee Rd

Cherokee Rd west of Southampton Rd

Clintwood Rd

Cone Ln

Courthouse Rd north of Smoketree Dr

Darby Dr

Davelayne Rd

Edgmere Blvd

End of Philray Ct

Falstone Dr

Genito Rd

Genito Rd

Genito Rd west of Clintwood Rd

Goodes St

Grandview Dr & Long View Dr

Granite Hall Ave

Gravier Rd

Greenock Dr. and Robert Bruce Dr

Greenvale Dr

Haveridge Ct

Hopkins north of Monza Dr

Hull St Rd east of Hicks Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Hull Street Rd (lights)

Jahnke Rd @ Railroad tracks

Jahnke Rd east of Leiceste Rd

Keighly Rd

Lyndale and Tanbark

Lynhaven Ave

Lynnhaven Ave

Lynnhaven Ave and Yorktown Ave

Mcguire Dr

Moravia Rd & Stigall Rd

Newbys Bridge Rd

Newbyswood and Burnett

Oak Lake Blvd E

Old Gun Rd E

Old Gun Rd East south of Arsenal Dr

Old Gun Rd East south of Cherokee

Paulbrook Blvd

Prince Arthur Rd

Providence Rd At Grassy Knoll Ln

Quarry Rd north of Westham Rd

Richland and Courthouse

Rock Spring Rd Off Ironbridge Rd

S Arch Rd north of Brundige

Spring Run At Beach

Spring Run east of Bending Oak

Sydelle Dr

W 22nd St

W Belmont Rd

Waldor Dr

Woodbine Rd & Archer

Moseley Mt Herman Rd

N Chesterfield Addington Ave

Autumnleaf Dr

Barnwood Turn

Bayfield Dr

Beaudet Ln

Bellbrook Dr east of Hopkins

Beulah Rd

Bloomfield Rd

Brookshire Dr

Cherylann Rd

Chester Rd

Clairidge Ct

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City / County Work Locations

Courthouse Rd

Courthouse Rd @ Keithwood Pkwy

Courthouse Rd north of Keithwood Pkwy

Courthouse Rd north of Kewbridge Ct

Cowan Rd

Crumpets Ln

Dalebrook Dr

Dorsey Rd

Drysdale Dr

Edenberry Dr

Edenberry Dr

Elkhardt Rd west of Chevelle Dr

Falling Creek Ave

Firethorne Ln

Forkland Dr

General Blvd

Greglynn Rd

Haverford Ln

Hicks Rd north of Hull St

Hull Street east of Tanbark Dr

Ironbridge Rd

Ironside Dr

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Jodie Terrace

Kewbridge Ct

Kingsdale Rd

Kingsport La @ Amster Rd

Lawnwood Dr

Little Creek Ln

Marty Blvd

Meadowburm Dr

Meadowdale Blvd

Midlothian Tpke

N Pinetta Dr

Perlock Rd

Perrymont Rd and Normandale Dr

Perrymont Rd south of Kingsland

Philbrook Rd

Ptovidence Rd south of Elkhardt Rd

Reams Rd east of Walkerton Rd

Restingway Ln

Rexmoor Dr

Russell Rd

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City / County Work Locations

S Arch north of Castleburg

S Arch Rd

S Arch Rd between Redbridge & Brundige

S Beulah Rd

Scherer Dr & Sherbrook Ct

Sheffey Ln

Sherbourne Rd

Simons & Pippin Lane

Slumber Ln

Southam Dr

St George St

Stanwix Ln

Strathmore Ct

Strathmore Rd

Sunrise Five Way


Turner Rd

W Bon View Dr

Walmsley Blvd

Whitepine Rd

Whittington Dr

Willesden Rd

Wonderview Dr

Wyndham Dr

New Kent Cosby Mill Rd

Hopewell Rd

Mt Pleasant

Steel Trap Rd

Petersburg 8th St

Accomack St

Allen Ave

Arcadia Ave

Arlington Rd

Arwood Rd

Ashwood Dr

Barbara Ln

Beaver Castle Rd

Beavercastle Rd

Behind Curtis Elementary Schoold

Berkley Ave

Blue Star Hwy

Bonaccord St

Boydton Plank Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Branders Bridge Rd

Briggs Ln

Buckingham St

Burks St

Burleigh Dr

Butterwood Rd

Canterbury Rd

Centralia Rd

Chalkley Rd @ Beckingham Rd

Church Dr

Church Rd

Claiborne Rd

Clary Rd

Cloverdale Ave

Conifer Rd

Coppahaunk Ave

County Dr

Courthouse Rd

Cox Rd

Cox Rd

Crater Woods Ct

Deer Run Dr

Dellrose Ave

Dellrose Dr

Dupuy Rd

E Hundred Rd

E Washington & Henrico Ave

E Washington St

E Wythe St

Eanes Rd

Fairwood Dr

Fairwood Rd

Ferndale Ave

Ferndale Rd

Floyd Ave

Fountain Ridge Rd

Franklin Ave

Frontage Rd

Graves Rd

Griffin Rd

Halloway Ave

Hampton Rd

Happy Hill At Mistwood

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City / County Work Locations

Happy Hill between the 2nd entrances

Happy Hill Rd at entrance to Logmeadow Subdiv.

Happy Hill west of Harrowgate

Happy Hill west of Mistwood

Harrowgate north of Heritage

Harrowgate Rd & Beechwood Rd

Hatchett Rd

Hickory Rd

Hickory Rd

Hilltop Field Dr

Hopkins @ Inca Dr

Hopkins Rd @ Bellbrook

Hunnicut Rd

Inca Dr

Iron Bridge Rd

Ironbridge Rd

James River Dr

James River Dr east of Wards Creek Rd

Jerusalem Plank Rd

Johnson Rd

Kingsdale and Chester

Little Rd

Locks Sub

Matoaca Rd

Maywood St

Mckenney St

Mount Vernon St

N Spring Branch Rd

NW Boydton Plank Rd

Oakwood Cir

Old Bermuda Hundred At

Old Hopkins Rd

Old Stage Rd

Osborne Rd

Pams south of Norcliff

Parkdale Ln

Parkdale Rd

Petty St

Pheasant Run

Pickett Ave

Plane Dr

Pleasant Spring Rd

Port Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Puddledock Rd

Purdy Rd

Rawlings La

Reformatory Rd

Rio Vista St

River Rd

River Rd. and Beverly St.

River St

Rives Rd

Rome St

Rt 301 south of Deer Rd

Rt 36 east of Lakemont Dr

Ruffin Rd

S Crater Rd

S West St

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandy Ridge Rd

Sandyford Rd

Sequoia Dr

Shady Hill Ln

Shady Ln

Shop St

South Blvd

Southwood Dr

Spain Dr

Spotwood Dr

St Mathews St

Station St

Strathmore Rd

Strathmore Rd

Sunnybrook Rd south of Spain Rd

Surry Ave

Surry Rd

Swineford Rd

Sycamore St

Tartan Rd

Timber Rd

Treely Rd

Upper Appomatox St

Upper Brandon Rd

W River Rd

Walnut Grove Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Walnut Hill Sub

Washington & Southampton Ave

Westover Ave

Weyanoke St

White Oak Rd

Wilham Rd

Willis Rd east of Quinnford Blvd

Wilton Dr

Woodpecker Rd

Woodpecker Rd

Wyatts Mill Rd

Youngs Rd

Powhatan Sublett Pl

Maidens Rd south of Bolling Rd

Prince George Courthouse Rd

Fine St

Hidden Hills Ct

Old Stage Rd

Prince George Dr

Reformatory Rd

Ruffin Rd

Whispering Winds Dr

Providence Forge Boulevard Rd

Collins Run Pkwy

Courthouse Rd

Mt Pleasant Rd

Rt 610 west of Rt 155

Ruthville Rd

Travis Trl

Whitemill Rd

Quinton Crosses Grove Rd

Eddie Ln

N Henpeck Trl

New Kent Hwy

Pine Fork Rd

Plaster Ln

Quinton Rd

Old Roxbury Rd

Richmond 17th St

20th St @ Dinwiddie Ave

2nd Ave

2nd Ave & 3rd st

3rd Ave

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City / County Work Locations

5th Ave

8th St

Acton St

Alexander Ave

Allenshaw Dr

Althea Pkwy

Alvarado @ I-64 Rd

Amesbury La

Angus Rd

Apache Rd

Atwell Dr

Avalon Dr

Avondale Ave

Azalea Ave east of Edgefield St

Baldwin Rd

Baldwin Rd south of Rockcreeek

Barriedale Rd

Barton Ave

Bedford St

Beechmont Rd

Bellevue Ave

Bellevue Ave

Bells Rd

Berry Rd

Berrybrook Dr

Berwick Rd

Beulah Rd

Bicknell Rd

Biotech Dr

Bland St

Blue Jay La north of Mapleton Rd

Boroughbridge Rd south of Reedy Ave

Bradwill Rd

Branway Rd north of Whitemore Dr

Brawner Dr

Bremo Rd between Morningside & Crestwood

Bridle La south of Weldon Dr

Brigham Rd

Bromley Ln

Bronwood east of Parham

Brook Rd

Brookland Oak Blvd east of Garland Ave

Brookside At Baldwin Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Brookside Rd

Brown Rd

Brynmawr Off Woodberry

Buckingham Ave

Buford Rd

Buford Rd north of Bannon Rd

Burgundy Rd

Burns St

Cameron Rd west of Ridge Rd

Campus Dr

Carlisle Ave

Carolina Ave

Castlewood Rd

Cedar Grove Rd

Cedarbrooke Ln

Chadwick Dr

Chamberlayne Ave

Charles City Cir

Charles City Rd

Charles St north of Grace St

Charles St north of Miami Ave

Cherokee Rd

Cherokee Rd & Cheyenne Rd

Cherokee Rd & Southampton Rd

Cherokee Rd north of Southaven

Cherokee Rd west of Whitehall Rd

Chesco Rd

Chickahominy Bluffs Ct

Chickahominy Bluffs Rd

Chinaberry Dr

Chippenham Pkwy

Clarendon Dr

Clauson Rd

Colwick Rd

Colwyck Dr

Colwyck Rd

Conifer Rd

Conway St

Cornell Ave

Cowan Rd

Crestwood Rd

Culpepper St

Custis Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Dabbs House Rd

Damascus Dr

Danray Dr. east of Brookside Blvd

Darbytown Rd

Darbytown Rd & Yester Oaks Ln

Dawn St

Debora Dr

Delmont St

Denbigh Dr

Derbyshire Rd

Devon Rd east of Horsepen Rd.

Diane Ln

Dickens Rd

Dill Rd

Dirk Dr east of Tarkington Dr

Donachy Dr

Donora Dr

Doran Rd

Doverland Rd

Dubet Lane north of Bonmark Rd

Dumbarton Rd

Dunbar between Cutshaw & G St

E 15th St

E 4th St

E Belt Blvd

E Blake Ln

E Broad Rock Rd

E Brookland Park Blvd

E German School Rd

E Gladstone Ave

E Glenbrook Cir

E Highland Ave

E I-95 Off Brookside Blvd

E Laburnum Ave

Eanes Ln

Echo Ave

Eddystone Ct

Edenberry Dr

Edgewood Ave

Eisenhower Dr

Elkridge Ln

Ellwood Ave

Elmhurst Dr

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City / County Work Locations

Enslow Ave

Fairfax Ave

Finlay St

Floyd Ave

Fordson Farm Ln

Forest Ave

Forest Ave east of Skipwith

Forest Ave east of Westhill

Forest Hill Ave

Forest Hill Ave and Stratford Rd

Fort Hill Dr

Foxcroft Rd

Franconia Rd

Franklin west of Stillwell

Freestone west of Vandover

Front St

Front St

Fulham Cir

Fulham Dr

Gaffney Rd

Galena Ave

Garland Ave

Geffert Dr & Darbytown

Gillespie Ave

Glenbrook Circle

Glenburnie @ Park Ave

Glenburnie Rd

Glenside Dr

Glinhurst Rd

Goodes St

Gordon Ave

Grandview Dr

Grandview Dr

Grantwood Rd

Greenway Ln

Greenway St

Grove Ave

Gurley Rd

Halifax Ave

Hampstead Ave

Hanes Ave

Hartford La

Hartman St

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City / County Work Locations

Harvard Rd

Harvie Rd

Hawthorne Ave

Hazelhurst Ave

Hazelmere Dr

Heathfield Rd

Hermitage Rd

Hickory Rd

Hilliard Rd

Hillside Ave

Hobby Hill Rd

Hollins Rd

Holly Hill Rd

Hood Dr

Hopkins Rd

Hopkins Rd & Clydewood

Hopkins Rd south of Autumn Lane

Horsepen Rd

Horsepen Rd

Houston Ave

Howard St

Hull St

Hungary Rd east of Roundtree Rd

Independence Rd

Ingram Ave

Ironbridge Rd

Ironstone Dr

Ivanhoe St

Ivymount Rd

Jahnke Rd

Jahnke Rd near Hioaks Rd

Jan Rd

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Jones Oak Grove La

Keats Rd

Kenmore Rd

Kensington Ave

Laburnum Ave

Lakeside Ave

Lamb Ave

Lansdale Rd

Laurel Fork Dr

Lennox Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Leonard Ave

Leonard Pkwy

Lexington Rd

Lindlaw Ave

Logan St

Lyndale Rd and Lyndale Pl

Lyndonway Dr

Lynnhaven Ave

Magnolia St

Manor Cir

Mansfield Dr

Mapleway Rd & Elon Rd

Marina Dr

Marlowe Rd

Marroit Rd

Martha Ln

Masonic La north of Gay Ave

Maury St

Maybeury Dr

McArthur Ave between Avondale Ave & W Laburnum Ave

Meadowburm Dr

Mechanicsville Pike

Merrifield Dr

Michael Rd

Michaels Rd

Midlothian Tpk & Robious Rd


Miller Bet Garland and North

Milton St

Montclair Rd

Montpelier St

Montrose Ave

Monument Ave

Moss Side Ave

Mowbray south of Dumbarton

Mulford Rd

N Allen Ave

N Chatham Dr

N Davis Ave

N Hopkins Rd

N Sheppard St

N Wilkinson Rd

N Wilkinson Rd off Cavendish Ln

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City / County Work Locations

National St

New Kent Ave

Noble Ave

Normandy Dr

Northside Ave

Northumberland Ave

Norwood Ct

Notre Dame Dr

Nottoway Ave

Nottoway Ave west of Brook Rd

Oakcroft east of Ridgeley La

Oakland Rd

Oakwood Ln

Old Jahnke Rd

Old Quarry Rd

Old Westham Rd

Old Westham Rd

Oriole Ave

Overbrook Rd

Overhill Rd & Fordson Rd

Overton Rd

Parham Rd north of Spalding Dr

Park Ave

Park Ave & Greenway

Parkline Dr

Parkview Ave south of Laburnumn

Parlow Dr

Patrick Ave

Patterson Ave

Patterson Ave & Lakewater Dr

Patterson Ave @ Maybeury Dr

Patterson west of Foxcroft Rd.

Patterson west of of Pump Ave

Pelham Dr

Pemberton Ave

Pemberton north of Downing

Penobscot Rd

Penobscot Rd

Pensacola Ave

Pineway Dr

Pope Ave

Probst St

Quarry Rd north of Westham Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Quiocassin Rd

Rambler Dr

Randall Ave

Reynolds Rd

Richmond Henrico Tpke

Ridge north of Patterson

Robert Bruce Dr

Rock Creek @ Foxcroft Rd

Rockfalls Dr south of Menokin Rd

Rockwood Rd

Rolando Dr

Roslyn Rd

Rt 5 & Turner Rd

Rt 623 east of Brookhollow

Rt 623 Off Rt 648

Rt 623 west of Rt 626

Rt 626 south of Rt 657

Rudolph Rd

Ruffin Rd

Rumford Rd

Rural Dr

Russel St

Ruthers Rd

S Cherry St & Spring St

S Crestwood Ave

S Laburnum Ave

S Ridge Rd

Salem Church Rd

San Juan

Santa Anna Rd

Sauer Ave south of Franklin St

Schaaf Dr

School St

Seminary Ave

Semmes Ave

Shady Hurst Dr

Sharon La @ University Blvd

Shaw Ln

Shirley Rd north of Cherokee Rd

Skelton St

Skipwith north of Three Chopt Rd

Skipwith south of Scharf

Skipwith west of Mayland

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City / County Work Locations

Smithdeal Ave

Snyder Rd and Hull

Southaven Rd @ Apache

Spring Dr.

St Charles Rd

St George St

Stanmore Rd

Starling @ Gayton

Starling west of Farmington Dr.

Sterling St

Stoneman Rd

Stratford Rd

Stuart Ave

Swanson Rd

Sweetbriar Rd

Sylvan Rd

Taylor Ave

Terminal Ave

Thalen St

Thom Rd east of Gratten Rd

Thompson St

Three Chopt & Millhandy

Three Chopt north of Honake

Three Chopt Rd (lights)

Three Chopt Rd @ Park Ave.

Three Chopt Rd east of Forest Ave

Three Chopt Rd south of Kensington Ave

Three Chopt west of Ashford

Three Chopt west of Briardale La

Timbers Hill Rd

Traylor Dr

Trickling Brook Ct

Turner Rd

Upham Dr east of Rt 301

Valentine Rd @ Woodman Rd

Valley Rd

Vanderbilt Ave

W 42nd St

W 49th St

W Bacon St

W Broad St

W Club Ln

W Franklin & Greenway

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City / County Work Locations

W Franklin St

W Laburnum Ave

W Marshall St

W Park Ave

W Riverside Dr

Walmsley Blvd E of Twain Ln

Walton Ave east of Hawthorne

Wanyamala @ Vincennes

Washington Hwy south of Dixie Steel

Wellington St north of Brookland Park Blvd

Westbury Dr

Westcott Dr

Westgate Dr

Westham Pkwy

Westham Station Rd

Westmeath Lane

Westneath Ln

Whitmore Dr

Whittington Dr

Wilkinson Rd

Williamsburg Rd

Willow Lawn Dr

Wilmer Ave

Wimbleton Dr

Wimgrow Rd

Winnetka Ave

Wishart Cir

Wood Rd

Wood Rd

Woodberry south of Hollins Rd.

Woodman Rd north of Vernon

Woodman Rd south of Rocky Branch

Wythe Ave

Yale Ave

S Chesterfield Beechnut Ave

Branders Bridge Rd

Eanes Rd

Halloway Ave

Hickory Rd

Marobrith and Happy Hill Rd

Truth Dr

Warren Ave & River Rd

Wells Rd & River Rd.

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City / County Work Locations

Sandston Beulah Rd north of Treva Rd

Brad Dr

Challis La

E Union St

E Williamsburg Rd

Hanover & Midage La

Kellbunn Ln

Mcclellan St

Meadow Rd

Meadow Rd

Monterey Ave

Old Williamsburg Rd

Raines Ave

Rt 156 east of Airport Dr

Seabury Ave

Subrenda Dr

Webster Rd

Whiteside Rd

Williamsburg Rd

Williamsburg Rd

Wilson Ave north of Sedgewick St

Woodview Dr

Spring Grove James River Dr

Stony Creek Lee Ave

Sutherland Claiborne Rd

Cox Rd

Wakefield Grantier Cir

Waverly Bank St

Beaver Dam Rd

Coppahaunk Rd

Courthouse Rd

Elm St

General Mahone Hwy

Lobbs Shop Rd

Locust Dr

Maifield Ave

Sussex Dr

Robert Wilkins Ave

W Main St

Yale Blue Star Hwy

Stokes Rd

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Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck

City / County Work Locations

Achilles Sams Walk Rd

Ark S Rt 606 & E Rt 17

Hickory Hill Ln

Bruington Rt 14 (The Trail)

Callao Lively Hope Rd

Mundy Point Rd

Center Cross Cottage Row

Church View Old Virginia St

Point Ln

Colonial Beach Winter Harbor Rd

Deltaville Cross Rip Rd

Paradise La

Parsons Ln

Dunnsville Bathurst Ln

Beasley Ln

Ephesus Church Rd

Grandview Dr

Howerton Rd

Lumpkin Ln

Wares Wharf Rd

Farnham Cedar Grove Rd

Veney Ln

Gloucester Beaver Dr

Clay Bank Rd

Dogwood Trl

E Rt 1010 (Martin St)

E Rt 17 & N Rt 610

E Rt 17 Bus & N Rt 17 Bypas

E Rt 605 & N Rt 603

E Rt 606 & N Rt 607

E Rt 606 & S Rt 1110

E Rt 606 & S Rt 607

E Rt 610 & N Rt 14

E Rt 614 & N Rt 14

E Rt 629 & N Rt 1203

E Dogwwood Dr

E Rt 14 & Rt 631

E Rt 17 & W Rt 603

E Rt 17 & W Rt 615

E Rt 17 & W Rt 695

E Rt 3 & Rt 678

E Rt 605 north of Rt 604

E Rt 614 & N Rt 606

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City / County Work Locations

E Rt 620 & N Rt 33

E Rt 634 & Rt 30

E Rt 639 & N Rt 33

E Rt 645 & N Rt 33

Eagle Point Plantation Rd

End of Riverview Park Rd

George Washington Hwy

Gloucester Village Dr

Grey's Point

Hickory Fork Rd

Indian Rd

Island Rd

King William Rd

Lewis Ave

N Rt 30 & Rt 625

N Rt 30 & Rt 627

N Rt 608 & E Rt 649

N Rt 609 & W Rt 610

N Rt 616 & E Rt 614

N Rt 625 & E Rt 626

N Rt 629 & E R Rt 30

N Rt 629 & E Rt 657

N Rt 664 & E Rt 629

N Rt 671 & E Rt 17

N Rt 33 & E Rt 647

N Rt 602 & W Rt 691

N Rt 603 east of Rt 17

N Rt 657 & W Rt 14

Parrots Cove Rd

Paynes Landing Rd

Rappahannock Ave

Roadview Farm

Robins Neck Rd

Rosewell Dr

Rt 1035 & Rt 606

Rt 14 & Rt 616

Rt 30 & Rt 1301

Rt 33 & Rt 679

Rt 606 & Rt 1110

Rt 608 south of Parrots Cove

Rt 619 & Rt 629

Rt 625 & Rt 640

Rt 625 & W Rt 30

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City / County Work Locations

Rt 626 & Rt 625

Rt 629 east of Rt 619

Rt 665 & Rt 17

Rt 713 Shepherd's Landing Rd

S Rt 30 & W Rt 632

S Rt 30 & W Rt 635

S Rt 603 & W Rt 602

S Rt 606 & E Rt 17

S Rt 606 & W Rt 614

S Rt 610 & E Rt 14

S Rt 616 & E Rt 14

S Rt 629 & E Rt 671

S Rt 632 & W Rt 1325

S Rt 713 & E Rt 639

Sleepy Hollow Ln

The Point Ln & Mt Zion Rd

US 17 south of Mt Zion Rd

W Rt 17 & N Rt 1019

W Rt 17 & N Rt 606

W Rt 614 south of Rt 17

W Rt 617 & Rt 14

W Rt 618 & N Rt 17

W Rt 629 & S Rt 664

W Rt 629 north of Bridge at Walkerton

Walkerton Rd

Willis Rd

York Haven West Dr

Gwynn Rt 633 Gwynn

Hague Cople Hwy

Rt 202

Springview Rd

Weldons Dr

Hartfield Fairfield Rd

General Puller Hwy

Pipe N Tree Dr

Poplar Dr

Hayes Briggs Cove Rd

Cook Dr

Cuba Rd

Hill Rd

Heathsville Wicomico Way

Irvington Chases Cove Ln

Jamaica Hummingbird Ln

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City / County Work Locations

US 17 next to Larry's Auto Parts

Kilmarnock Boat House Cv

Jessie Dupont Memorial Hwy

King & Queen Ch Carltons Corner Rd

N Rt 14 & W Rt 631

N Rt 14 & W Rt 655

River Bluff Ln

Rt 654 & S Rt 14

Truhart Rd

The Trail

King William Custis Mill Pon Rd

Powhatan Trl

W Rose Garden Rd

Wakema Rd

Kinsale Riverview Ln

Sandy Point Rd

Yeocomico Ln

Little Plymouth Davis Beach Rd

Rt 14 & W Rt 602

Rt 14 west of Heartquake Swamp

S Rt 14 & Rt 617

Locust Hill Locust Hill

Rt 33 west of Rt 619

Maryus Big Island Rd

Mattaponi E Rt 14 & N Rt 646

Patterson Rd

Rt 33 Mattaponi River Crossing


Waterfence Rd

Millers Tavrn Rt 360 west of Rt 620

Montross Ames La

Grainery Rd

Great House Rd

Kings Hwy

Rt 668, Jackie Taylor's Tap

Rt 672 Chatham Rd

Zacata Rd

Mount Holly Cople Hwy

Rt 665 west of Rt 621

North John Clayton Memorial Hwy

Northern Neck Buners La

Glenwood Farms Rd

Kinsale Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Rt 17 north of Rt 662

Rt 202 & Rt 617

Rt 203, Hampton Hall Estates

Rt 610 east of Rt 606

Rt 711 north of Rt 7383

Rt 723

Rt 730 at the end of State Maintenance

Rt 738 off Rt 711

South End of Water Ln

Ordinary Rt 17 & W Rt 636

Plain View Cornfield Rd

Creek Rd

Port Haywood W Rt 737 & S Rt 608

Reedville Blundon Rd

Slough Creek Ln

Saluda E Rt 618 & N Rt 17

Gloucester Rd

Lewis B Puller Memoril Hwy

N Rt 679 & E Rt 33

Pierce Rd

Shacklefords Centerville Rd

Cornfield Rd

Friendship Ln

Rt 33 (lights)

St Stephens Ch Richmond Tappahanock Hwy

Smithfield Rd

Stevensville Stevensville Rd

Tappahannock Berry Hill Rd

Cottage Row

Deep Landing Rd

Marsh St

Marshfield Rd

Prince St

Rouzie Dr

Rt 17

Tidewater Trl

Tuckaway Ln

Topping Baker Rd

Cox Landing Rd

Hideaway Point Rd

Kates Neck Rd

N Rt 623 & E Rt 622

Rt 661 north of Rt 623

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City / County Work Locations

Rt 624 & Rt 623

Syringa Rd

Urbanna Gayles Rd

Remlik Dr

S Rt 602 & Rt 637

Wake Barricks Mill Pond Rd

Mae Ln

Rt 626 & N Rt 624

Warsaw E Monroe Ave

Sharps Rd

Water View Rio Vista Ln

N Rt 640

Water View Rd

Waters End

Weems Weems Rd

West Point 21st St (lights)

Belwood St

Custis Millpond Rd

East Rose Garden Rd

King William Rd

N Borinski Cir

Marl Hill Rd

Mt Olive Cohoke Rd

Rt 30 north of Magnolia Ave

Wakema Rd

V F W Rd

Wakema Rd

Westpoint Lee St

White Stone Seahaven Dr

Woods Crs Rds N Rt 609 & W Rt 610

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