Waiting on power: Seven days and counting

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Seven days and counting! Dominion Virginia Power meets its goal. 92% of customers have restored power, but for those in the remaining 8%, it is a statistic that brings very little comfort.

Dominion says it's set a new goal to get most of the power restored by Saturday evening, but they still plan to have crews working through the holiday weekend because fixing some of the projects could take even longer.

Federal Street in Eastern Henrico County had lights, then lost them again. It was a costly double whammy for residents who had to throw out food twice.

"You take our money, but yet you don't try to do anything about us down here," said a frustrated Marcia Sullivan. "I really don't like that. I really don't appreciate that. I'm not trying to say you're not doing your best but I'm not seeing your best."

"Yesterday they said it's supposed to be tonight, between 5 and 11 and then I called today and they said Saturday between 5 and 11," added her neighbor, Sheri Jordan.

In Chester, Glenn McCuiston has resorted to paying bills outside: "I came out so I could have some light to see by. It's dark in the house."

He was promised power by Friday night. He still doesn't have lights and doesn't really believe he'll get them anytime soon.

"No way!" said McCuiston, "Might not get some the rest of this week. I doubt if we get it next week."

Dominion officials say sometimes those final customers are the toughest.

"Once you get into the neighborhood, you're making those same repairs and it might be 5 customers," said Rodney Blevins, with Dominion Virginia Power.

The company is shooting to finish restoring power by Saturday, but can't promise they'll have all the lights turned on by then.

"We're still committed to that goal. However, at some of these catastrophically damaged areas we're working at now, we're going to be working through the weekend making sure that we're doing everything we can. We're going to get every customer on," said Blevins.

For Jordan, it's a tough wait.

"I just want my power. I really want my power. I need my Farmville. I need my computer," Jordan said.

Dominion officials say some of these more rural areas take longer because it's tougher to get to the lines. NBC12 confirms those who may be waiting a little longer than 24 hours for power are likely in counties to the East and Southeast of Richmond and Petersburg, where the problems are more widespread.

If you know someone still without power, encourage them to call 1-866-dom-help to report it.

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