INTERVIEW: Last Richmonder without power

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Well, for people still waiting to have their power back on the wait is now in its seventh day. So we've searched high and low for some good news for those people, and we may have found it. and the Richmond Comedy Coalition have teamed up to put together an incredible prize package for the last person in Richmond still without power. Joining me now via Skype to talk about the contest is Jason Lefton. He is a local comedian and part of the RCC.

RYAN: And what made you guys come up with this contest idea?

JASON: We thought it would be a great idea to entertain folks by actually bringing some comedy to them, for their family and their neighbors, scheduled at their convenience. We thought it would be great to bring some joy to a place with no air conditioning.

RYAN: And how -- I mean, the question I get over and over again when I talk to folks about this idea is how are you going to determine who the last person is in Richmond without power, because it would be a wide group of people that get it all at once.

JASON: That's a great question. We're actually leaving up to, and it's in their hands, it will be on the honor system. I believe people go to the website and they submit their name and information, and will choose somebody based on the honor system.

RYAN: And aside from the comedy show that you guys put on, there's a bunch of other prizes that has put together. Can you tell me about some of those?

JASON: I believe the grand prize is actually a generator donated by Pleasants Hardware and I think it has a retail value of somewhere in the $700 or $800 range so if they ever lose power again, they will have this great generator and they won't be the last one, they will be the first one with power.

RYAN: No you will perform a lot of comedy throughout the area. What is going to be like to have this kind of intimate audience of basically one family having you guys all perform for them? Is it a little weird to have that small group of people giving you laughs?

JASON: Well, we're going to go ahead and invite the maybe neighbors out. We'll probably do it in the front lawn or some public place nearby, so hopefully we'll get a group of at least, you know, 10 or 20 people to come out but we'll perform for five people or 100 people. We just had our two-year anniversary show and over 100 people came, which was great. They came down to Gallery Five where we perform twice a month.

RYAN: All right. Great, Jason Lefton, thank you for joining me. If you want to find out more information about this great event, go to Jason thanks again and good luck with the contest.

JASON: Thanks, Ryan.

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