Hate group fails to show at funerals in Chester triple murder

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, known for its controversial protests, set its sights on the funeral today for two people killed in a triple murder in Chester. Police ramped up security, but the demonstrators never showed!

Officers kept watch both at the cemetery and the funeral home on West Hundred Road, but no sign of a Westboro protester, only a counter-protestor ready to speak his mind.

Two hearses slowly make their way down West Hundred Road to the final resting place for 40 year old Scott Allred and his seven year old son, Morgan. Another heart-breaking moment for neighbor Fred Gray.

"It hit home for me that little boy was one of the coolest little kids," said Gray.

Instead of joining mourners inside the funeral home, where Chesterfield police stood guard, Gray stayed outside, with a bottle of maple syrup, waiting for any sign of members from Westboro Baptist Church.

The funeral was on the hate group's scheduled picket list, prompting police to place officers at the funeral home and cemetery to keep the peace.

"That was for them if they would have showed up," said Gray about the syrup.

During a welfare check overnight Sunday, police found Scott and Morgan Allred dead inside a home on Stockleigh Drive along with Allred's girlfriend, Carrie Egland. Police said the triple murder was part of a killing spree by Egland's estranged husband, Fort Lee Army Captain, Leonard Egland.

A search warrant revealed police recovered at least nine shell casings from a 9 MM Luger. They also found bullet fragments in the master bedroom, a bathroom rug, tub and sink and a downstairs wall.

Police said Egland killed his mother-in-law before taking his own life in Pennsylvania. Egland left his six year old daughter at a hospital with a rambling apology note.

"How do you explain that to your kids," said Gray.

Morgan Allred would have started the second grade on Tuesday.

A Westboro spokesman said the church did not have a change of heart.  They did plan to come but had too many pickets and not enough time.

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