NBC12 Viewpoint: helping each other weather the storm

By Kym Grinnage, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It would truly be an understatement to say that many of our fellow citizens have been through hell this week. There is no need for me to remind you that hundreds of thousands of people who have been struck by the wrath of mother nature, so I will spend just a moment to say thank you.

I want to say thank you on behalf of your fellow Virginians who wish they could say thank you themselves, but they are still getting their lives back together. Thank you to all of the public servants and the Dominion Virginia workers who are working around the clock to restore power to their fellow citizens.

Thank you to all of you who thought to check on the elderly. Thank you to those of you who unselfishly have shared your homes and resources with those that have damaged homes or no power. Thank you in advance for not forgetting to continue to donate your time, money and talent as we rebuild over the next several months.

I want to say thank you to our state and local public officials for meeting the challenge of public service. Thank you to the numerous volunteer organizations who are meeting their mission of service. Thank you to all of our colleagues in the electronic, print and online media for all of your service to the public during a time when people needed to be informed the most.

Thank you in advance to our President and the men and women in Congress, who we trust will continue do the right thing and place politics aside to make sure that FEMA has the money to meet the needs of the people, at a time when many are in crisis.

It's hard sometimes to also be thankful for having weathered the storm, but we should, because more than 40 Americans did not, and we honor them.

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