Council votes to limit Confederate flags

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The controversy over the Confederate flag continues in Lexington right now, after city council leaders there voted to only allow Virginia, U.S. and city flags to be displayed on downtown streets.

Personal displays aren't not impacted.

More than 100 protestors, hosted by the Son's of Confederate Veterans, had a rally Thursday night to protest the council's vote..

Some people like civil rights activist, H. K. Edgerton, complained that the flag is a symbol of the south's history of slavery.

"What is it that you people keep trying to make our flag out to be, this evil thing, this evil symbol this evil presence," Edgerton said.

"In Lexington, Virginia out of all the battles that have taken place around this flag, Lexington, Virginia at this point in time in history is the most important place on God's earth in America right now for us who call ourselves southern."

The city insists the proposed ordinance is not aimed at the Confederate flag.

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