Hurricane hero shares power with neighbors

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - In Henrico's Winchester Green subdivision, we caught up with London transplant Lynne Kendal-Wilson and her pal Buddy Palmore.

"He's just really helpful, he and his wife are both very, very helpful," Lynne said.

Lynne says Buddy's the reason she and lots of neighbors have refrigerator food still safe to eat.

"Ahh, we saved food, and fruit, and milk," she said.

Lynne feared she'd have to toss everything out.

"It would have all been wasted."

After hurricane Irene cut the power Saturday afternoon for more than 24 hours.

"The power went out at 2 o'clock and we were in darkness," Lynne said. "Buddy who lives next door has a generator. He said let me hook your refrigerator up to my generator and it will keep going, so things don't' spoil and we did that for about an hour and then he took his generator around the neighborhood."

When Lynne shared the story with her daughter Zoe, mom got some sage advice.

LYNNE: "Zoe said, 'mom you need to contact NBC12 Acts of Kindness and tell them.'"
SABRINA: "Here's $100, $200, $300."

With that we made a b-line for Buddy's front door. His wife Marti was in on the surprise but Mr. Palmore was about to see the light.

LYNNE: "Buddy!"
BUDDY: "What is going on here?"
LYNNE: "Well I nominated you for an Acts of Kindness with NBC12. You take this for helping me with the refrigerator and the rest of the neighborhood with refrigeration, when power went out taking your generator around."
SABRINA: "You have generated a lot of excitement."
BUDDY: "Enough for 3 big ones."
SABRINA: "You really are everybody's buddy."
BUDDY: "Well sure, sure. You try to be. It was great to be able to help the neighborhood." 

So what has he got planned for the cash?

"I've got grandkids," he said.

The retired engineer says he likes getting things to work, so hours after Irene's strong winds took out the power,  he took to the streets on a refrigerator rescue mission.

"Saturday night, Coach Al Renaldo lives there, we hooked him up. He was first, and then Sunday morning we did Lynne's...and the house over here is where Sandra lives. The girls were glad to see me coming, ha-ha," said Buddy.

Everyone was glad to see power crews in the neighborhood Sunday afternoon when the lights came back on and the fridge was going strong. Buddy says his generator is still going, unfortunately for us across town.

SABRINA: "So the generator isn't here?" 
BUDDY: "No, it's not here. My sons got it in Mechanicsville. I took the goodwill wherever we could take it (laughs)."

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